Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing in a Trance
unless you're the one who stole my tummy....

The women made their debut last night on Dancing With The Stars. I only pick a few to critique because I have to watch other stuff at the same time. And that other stuff is what I REALLY like.

Kristie Yamaguchi was the top scorer amongst the women last night. Some of you may think Kristie Yamaguchi is my favorite. Well, let's just say...yes, I think she is. That could change, but for now, I like her. When she closed her eyes I knew she was going to her "happy place"...the ICE.

Before Priscilla Presley performed I wasn't too excited. I had seen pictures of her that were too perfect and it irritated me that she didn't have wrinkles. I mean, we are the same age, and it's not my fault that I wasn't in West Germany when Elvis was looking for a child bride. Some people just happen to be in the right place at the right time. So when the judges told Priscilla that she was "star quality" I had to agree. Then she closed her eyes and went to her happy place.

When Marlee danced I was amazed. This deaf woman was incredable. She said she listens to her heart. Her partner, Fabian was listening to her heart too! The judges thought she was fantastic! Then, Marlee closed her eyes. I know she has a happy place, or was she wondering what kind of mischief her four kids were getting into?

So then, why in heck didn't Marissa close her eyes and go to her very own happy place ? She was the most fun, but did she have to flaunt her "I have your body" in my face?

Oh and yeah, just to keep you informed, I live right there, smack dab in the middle of CenTex.


Anonymous said...

lol if you were in Germany you would have been Grandma J then you mighgt not have time to blog cause you would be on dancing with the stars. Im glad you are just Grandma J

Anonymous said...

Grandma J,

Marey just sent me an email telling me about your blog! I will be a faithfull follower, but beware I am really bad about leaving a comment! I always enjoy your comments on other blogs though. I am really happy you decided to do this and maybe someday when I don't spend too many hours a day working I will join you and Marey with my own!


heartshapedhedges said...

Um, if you had been in West Germany, who would *I* be???

anyhoo...maybe I will dig up one of your old "circa 1960's" pix to start my "family album" ala Bossy. tee hee hee.

Anonymous said...

You kind of make me want to start watching Dancing With The Stars! Have a good day Grandma J!

The Running Girl said...

That's so funny that you noticed they all closed their eyes and "went to their happy place". I'll have to pay more attention next time.