Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gotta Get 'er Done...

I recently moved for the second time in ten months. My first move was my huge retirement, flee the state, then veg move. I arrived in Texas the day before Easter, 2007. Settled in at my daughter's home with the intent of checking out the area for a place of my own. So fast forward ten months to February 2008 and I finally GET OUT and into my own place. My daughter and her family were sad to hear that I was moving out. My son-in-law's head hurt so bad that he was doing cartwheels to ease the pain.

Now that I've been in Texas for two Easters, I find myself with "stuff" that has to get done. This isn't exactly stuff like laundry, making the bed, doing the dishes kind of stuff. For the most part, this is the kind of stuff I didn't want to do in retirement. Paperwork stuff. Red tape stuff......IRS stuff. The stark reality is, you can never simplify your life.....never.

Today is the day I make some appointments and resolve some issues. Tomorrow is the day I travel 60 miles to the IRS as a walk-in...to resolve issues with my 2005 taxes....so I can do my 2006 taxes...then my 2007 taxes. Huh?? Why aren't I in leavenworth breaking rocks in the hot son? Ummm it's a long story over a couple of bucks...REALLY A COUPLE OF BUCKS!! This issue was the first thing I attemped to resolve my first week in Texas....in April 2007. Details to follow when I have the next and final chapter to this saga upon my return from the IRS.

A few of the other issues have to do with medical insurance (oh fun), second attempt at getting my address changed with various agencies/companies. Then I will pay a bill or two.

The icing on the cake is shopping for a little bit of patio furniture. I have a dinky front porch and if I don't put something out there my neighbor, whose porch connects to mine...will decide to fill in the emptiness...AGAIN! I won't be getting anything fancy...probably cheap plastic stuff because it's not as if I will ever sit out on my porch...I just want to mark my territory once and for all. I will post pictures of the before and after because this is such a big project..all 10x10 feet. I will also post my neighbors side and the surrounding common areas that she has homesteaded with a birdbath, animals and an oil derrick...of all things.

So, I'm off for now...the sun is shining and the birds are singing....I love to shop.


The Running Girl said...

Sounds like you have a FUN day ahead of you (note the sarcasm). Dealing with medical insurance is bad enough, but dealing with the IRS, that has to be the worst. I hope you get everything worked out and I hope you find some patio furniture to "mark your territory".

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

Enjoy your shopping day and DO NOT BACK DOWN TO THE IRS. We have your back......LOL


Anonymous said...

I know you already posted the results of your shopping and IRS but I'm pretending you didn't so I can go in order.

Good luck with the fun shopping and not-fun IRS!!!