Friday, March 28, 2008

This is a Public Service Announcement
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Recently a woman's nipple piercings set off the metal detector at an airport in Lubbock Texas. The TSA Officer made the woman remove her nipple piercings. According to policy, they rightly insisted that the alarm raised, be resolved. In other words, the woman had to remove whatever was causing the alarm to go off. Well, this didn't set well with her, and she put up a fuss....I mean it wasn't like she could hijack a plane with her nipple piercing, could she?

Because of this highly publicized incident, and perhaps there have been many, the TSA has reviewed there procedures. They are revising them to allow passengers to either remove the source of the alarm or be subjected to a visual inspection otherwise known as show the screener her boobs...I mean the piercing.

The TSA thanked the woman for bringing this flaw in their screening process to their attention.

Ok, I confess, I don't have pierced nipples....there, I said it....but we are all inconvenienced when we go through the screening process at the airport. I for one will never complain about having to take off my shoes or anything else the screener has questions about. I fly several times a year, and from where I live, it takes two flights to get anywhere. I always fly out of a small regional airport that only goes to three places...and they are all in the state of Texas! That means all my trips have connecting flights. So I dress according to the level of inconvenience I'm willing to put up with. I usually wear flip flops, and if I have to have different shoes on my feet upon arrival, they are in my carry-on.

I had one issue here locally....not really a biggie. One of the TSA Officers announced that all lipstick, chapstick or lip gloss must be in ziplock baggies. The rules state all liquids (within the 3oz limit) must be in ziplock bags...but you can put more than one in a bag. This was the first time I was ever asked to bag my lipstick. I always carry a couple extra ziplock baggies in my carry-on just in case, and I handed out a couple to a few of the other women. I did as he asked and that was that. I will say the other officer, was rolling her eyes!

So now, back to the nipple can all leave your nipple piercing in, just as long as you don't mind showing them off!

One thing that I feel bad about. The airport I fly out of is in a military town and the soldiers have to take off those boots they wear before boarding. What a pain that has to be.


The Running Girl said...

I saw this story in the news as well. And I have to say that I think that most people that have nipple piercings wouldn't mind showing off their boobs. I mean, they had to show them to the person who pierced them, right? Ouch. That's one piercing I won't be getting.

I don't guess I ever thought about the military people having to take off their boots. You'd think they'd make an exception, especially out of that little airport (and I've actually flown in and out of it before).

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I was actually about to same the same thing as Briana - if you have a nipple peircing you probably don't mind too much about showing it to people!

I have a friend that got his balls peirced. I guess he would have to show that too? His RIPPED out though!

Haha! Sorry if I took that down a bad road but you did tag the entry with nipples so you were asking for it! :)

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Okay if you have something piereced that it brings you to tears to remove it....I just don't get it...and when you know it is going to set the detector off...are you just wanting to show them off? Kinda think so or you would remove them beforehand. Much more sympathy for the military men/women and their boots.

heartshapedhedges said...

Ditto on what everyone else said.

If you put a metal rod up your rear, you know it's gonna set the detector, let's take such things off/out before we go to the airport, where everyone is already waiting in long lines. We dont need people clogging up the process with their metal gear.

Rebeckah said...

Well, that settles it, I was wondering if I should get my nipples pierced and now I know the answer : ). I just laughed so hard.