Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Some days I ask myself that question about every hour! You know what I know you do . Take today............

I have been getting up at 5:30 a.m., to go for a brisk walk around the compound, wearing my new pedometer that I got free last fall at the leukemia Lymphoma Light the Night Walk in Austin. I put these on........

..........mostly for shock and awe. I make two brisk laps around the compound and as I'm heading onto my porch, my neighbor peeks out and says "nice pajamas".

I have a bad habit. I try to keep it under covers if you will, but once in a while it rears it's ugly head in public. I have been known to double dip. I know....SHOOT ME! I avoid dipping and dunking if I can't have my own stuff on my plate when I'm a guest. It saves a whole lot of embarrassing moments for everyone. However, I live alone people.....I don't shove a whole wing or carrot stick down my throat in one thrust.

I used to work with a bunch of men who were basically wild animals. Ok, I don't think any of them read this but they know I love them. There was always food around, but none of them ever double least that's what they say. They would eat food off the floor, using the old "five second" rule. Actually, the five seconds wasn't depended on how long it took to retrieve the food. Sometimes it could be a ten second rule.

So you get the picture. I have issues and I'm not perfect. I don't even try...well, the pajamas...who expected miss nosey to be waiting for me.

I found this little test, and I must say I am happy to find out that I am more normal than I would have guessed. I don't know how they determine what "normal" is but for now, I'm not gonna question it.

So now readers, take the ARE YOU NORMAL test and let me know what kind of loons you are. I swear, it's between you and me.

The are you normal Test -- Make and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!


Anonymous said...

93% :)

And I like the pants and definitely the shoes!!!

The Running Girl said...

Gee, I feel - abnormal. I'm only 87% normal. Maybe it's the double dipping. When we eat Mexican food, I have to have my own bowl of hot sauce so that I can double dip.

Anonymous said...

lol im 94% normal.....eventhough Cortney and I did follow a fire truck once to a burning house...we even sat and watched the house burn. But we didnt make noise while we were following it.

CGS said...

I'm 84% normal. I think I bombed on the last question when I answered "hug." I find it REALLY hard to believe I'm less normal than Cortney and V-Ram. No offense ladies. Meg

Grandma J said...

Yeah, that "hug" answer could indicate some serious issues. :))
And you know, Meg, I can't believe I scored as high as I did considering none of my "issues" were addressed. Not like Cortney's and Veronica' know, the fire engine chasers?

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said... that can't be...most of my co-workers would agree....but my kinders love me so I must be normal for a 5 year old.

P.S. Love the "pants."

Anonymous said...

It's not like there is much better things to do in Beaumont, TX then follow a fire truck to a burning house!

CGS said...

that makes your life sound very sad. it's a good thing you left boremont then! =) meg

heartshapedhedges said...

95%, and not to be a nerd, but there were a lot of grammatical errors on that test.

Do you really wear those pajamas? And those shoes?