Monday, April 14, 2008


I had a strenuous workout routine nothing planned for the weekend. No track meets to attend, no baseball or basketball games either.

Oh wait......there was a baseball tournament for my grandson. A traveling tournament for the team. This is something new for me. I don't think traveling baseball is very popular in So CA...unless it's after the regular season and you have playoffs for regional and state titles. You know, like when they start competing for the world series or something like that.

Come Spring in Texas, it's all about pollen, sneezing, and bluebonnets youth sports. My granddaughter will have tons of track meets that last all day. My grandson is on two different baseball teams and one basketball team. One baseball and the basketball team are traveling teams.

Sometimes when it's a travel weekend for baseball they end up going south to a huge sports park. This weekend they were headed to Dallas. They usually get hotel rooms and spend the night on Saturday because the parents love to party in the big city the boys need to rest up for their Sunday games.

So, I rush off to the store to buy this......
Because I'm excited and can't wait for the family to leave. That's right, I'm not trekking to Dallas. I'm headed over to their house to have a sleepover with some hot cowboy JJ. Dogs aren't allowed at the sports parks, and if he can't go, then I won't go either.

After I arrive at around noon on Saturday.......after JJ jumps all over me, squealing, kissing and wetting himself, I give him his new toy.

That's right, JJ....check it out. Make sure you know where it's been before you fully engage. Make sure it's fun enough to take to the backyard to flaunt in front on the neighbors dogsand play with it.

Or to just veg out and gnaw.

So, this is how the weekend went. Not to mention several car rides to make sure my allergies never settled down all the bad guys knew JJ was on "the job".

It's hard to imagine anyone having more fun.


Anonymous said...

Awww! JJ is real cute. What a good dog-sitter you are!

Fish are best because they are low maintenance and I don't have to run home between meetings to let them out to pee and feed them. And if they die -- they were only a few bucks! :)

Anonymous said...

I think your dog is so cute? Since you are retired whats the going rate for dog sitting. I was thinking of doing that too.


M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Nothing beats spoiling the grandpets!- Missing my dog and cats here in FL! Hug JJ for me!

heartshapedhedges said...

I might have answered differently a decade ago, but nowadays, Im not much a fan to pets.

Dogs...they poop. And around our neck of the woods, people bring them everywhere, health codes be damned. Just this week, Ive seen them in the grocery store, the mall, and a restaurant, and two different people had their dogs in the yogurt shop at the same time! And let's not forget the other thing that pet owners in my part of town like to ignore (besides the ordinance to pick up their poop), leash laws! Dogs run amuck...we have a dog park, but folks would rather let their dogs run wild at the parks and baseball fields.

So, kinda turned off to dogs. Allergic to cats.

We did the fish thing, but Pooper melted down like a snowcone in Phoenix on July 4th, and instead of the ole' toilet flush routine (remember those grandma?) we had to do a formal ceremony, with all the pomp and circumstance, down at the harbor.

Webkinz is as close as we're getting to pets in our house.

The Running Girl said...

Looks like you two had fun! Yes, allergies and traveling sports teams - both very popular here. We've made the trek to other cities for soccer many times.

I said cats were the best pet although for me it's a tie between cats and big dogs. I love cats (at least cuddly ones) because they snuggle up with you during naptime and because for the most part, they take care of themselves. I love big dogs because they take care of me. And they give big sloppy kisses.

Hey, I saw your comment in Marey's blog that your daughter lives in Port Canaveral. We may be heading that way later this summer and could use some tips on a good, inexpensive hotel.

Jason said...

I love the deep thoughts!

CGS said...

We had a lab until Coop was a couple of months old. We really loved her, but she would poop all over (even in a crate) and smear it around (TMI?) when we left her alone. We had to find a family more suited to her with older kids. We did love her, and once Coop is 10, we're going to get another dog.

Not so big on anything that can get loose and you could step on and accidently kill. Or just step on and maim. =) meghann