Thursday, May 22, 2008

That was supposed to be on Wednesday

One of my favorite bloggers is Laurie at foolery. Her blog is one of the first ones I read every morning, and today she had a challenge. The challenge is to give an award to three newer bloggers. The fun part is, you just make up any award you want...silly, serious or down right mean just plan interesting, and bestow it on some unsuspecting soul.

I'm taking your challenge, Laurie.

My first award should go to one of two bloggers, and since Laurie can't participate, I present the coveted BEST MORNING READ AWARD to the two sistah's at Holy Crappers. Relocated from Philly to the Florida Panhandle, these sistah's talk about their garden, beer, offspring, beer, boyfriends, and guess what? Beer! Keep it coming!! My next award is my HOT BLOGGER AWARD, presented to Madame x at Letter W. Madame x is chili pepper hot in more ways than one. Her humor is cutting edge, and if anyone can make me laugh she can. She also has no problema, calling out any TV news anchors with potty mouths.
My final award is the prestigious FAMILY SANITY AWARD, to Kim at heart shaped hedges. OK, you busted me, Kim is my daughter...but seriously, she knows more parenting blogs than I do. She blogs about issues that other mom's care about like poop, laundry, kids groups, breastfeeding and childhood cancer. I know she will be a better judge of just who this award should go to next.

So blog award winners? Go forth and share the love. And blogger friends? Go take foolery's challenge. Knock on another blogger's door and say Boo! "I like your blog".


heartshapedhedges said...

Um, Thank You, I think.

Im just confused, am I "keeping the family sane" or "keeping the insanity going?"

Not sure what to pass along, the sanity that I bring, or the insanity in the family??

And, who would get that award? Would it need to be someone in OUR family? if so, you are the only other blogger, so, naturally, I would just give it back to you, and then we would pass it back and forth because, let's face it, your Middle Child isnt gonna ever blog, and while your Baby Child made a page, she'll not update it until next Fall.

And, in case you are saying that I am insane, Ill use one of Jason's catch phrases, and say, The Apple Doesnt Fall Far From the Tree, and by the way, you are the tree, because, Im the apple.

but, if you are saying that I am the one that keeps the family sane, well, then, Thank You.

heartshapedhedges said...

Great, now my comment makes me look totally insane, because it rambles.

The truth is, *I* bring the sanity to the family (hello, did anyone see the dog pictures????) ...and, it isnt always easy, but, it's always fun.

Grandma J said...

I know you bring the sanity to the family, and I know it's not easy....hence the award!

Holy Crappers said...

Thank you, thank you , thank you !!!

foolery said...

Awesome, Grandma J. It's SO hard to pick, isn't it? After I decided on my three I thought, Well what about . . . (including Grandma J, who is new to me) but you just have to go with it and move on. I trust that good bloggers everywhere will be recognized.

And holy cow, what great award designs!

Thanks for passing along the feel-good,


Karen said...

What a cool idea. I checked out foolerys site too and it seems like a great way to network. Now I wish I had something interesting enough to blog about.

Cortney said...

Kim did sound just a little crazy in her comment, but we'd forgive her if she'd finish the story about Pooper's PSA!!!

Holy Crappers said...

Sista #1 and Sista #2 have chosen our award titles ,,,that's it
Our biggest prob is the award designs, being the dumb asses that we are we have yet to figure it out,,,HELP!!!