Sunday, June 29, 2008

...even if it was yesterday

Kelly Michelle, you were born on June 28, thirty-seven years ago. You were the cute little toddler girl that was affectionately known as "Termite". A good friend of ours started calling you that when you could barely walk. You spent the night at their house, and climbed out of bed very early and completely dis-assembled a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that he had just finished putting together. So with much frustration in his voice he said, "She's small but destructive, just like a termite". And the nickname struck.

You came into this world way too small. Barely two pounds, and stayed in neonatal intensive care for four months. Then you came home needing oxygen constantly. You ate every hour, because sucking wore you out, and you'd fall asleep. After one year, we couldn't keep you down, and eventually it was apparent that you were way too feisty for oxygen! You were always tiny but nothing could keep you down or in!

Even though you were petite, you played varsity soccer all four years in high school. You also excelled in recreational leagues as well.

You were the best natured little girl, you still are. You are the most independent of all my girls. I'm sure some will disagree, but you left home, traveling to Albuquerque. You landed a great job, then within a couple of years, you applied for a promotional opportunity in Denver, and jumped at the chance to take it.

You married a great guy, and have two adorable boys. My sweet grandsons, Tyler and Zachy. ....who are very, very tired in this picture.
You unselfishly decided to make a career change, for much less money, working in the counseling office at a private boy's high school to insure the future educational opportunities for your own two boys. You love your job, and the students that attend the school. A girls division opened on the same campus (but separate), and you took on the additional job of coaching soccer there, and you love it.

So, Kelly, even though I tell you often how much I love you, I want to publicly tell you again how special you are, and how proud I am of you, the woman you've become and the mother that you are to your boys.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

I really wanted to scan some pictures of you as a baby and kidlet, but my scanner froze up...that's why this is a day late.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly Michelle. Grandma J, what a nice birthday tribute to your beautiful daughter. She and her family look very happy, even if the boys are tired. lol You have so many adorable grandchildren! You are blessed.

Rebeckah said...

What a wonderful daughter you have : ). And those grandsons? I want to hug them to pieces... You write so well. It is beautiful.

heartshapedhedges said...

Happy Birthday Kel.

See ya soon!!

Anonymous said...

Grandma J, you sure do have pretty daughters!

Happy b'day to Kelly. I'm sure those cute boys made her day special.

gaining some lb's said...

Happy Birthday!!!!


foolery said...

What a wonderful tribute. It's obvious how close your family is.

Swinging in to say hi, Grandma J!

-- Laurie

The Dorsey Boys said...

Thanks mom! I forgot my hair was cut a bit shorter last summer. I don't have any pics of me younger- I think age 3 or 4 was the earliest pics of me I have ever seen. You could of always posted the "do" picture- you know the one with my boy cut and I look like a mini Mike!

Grandma J said...

I have pictures of you as a baby and toddler, but my scanner froze up. And I do have the photo of you where the hairdresser thought you were a boy and uh, yeah, I have that one.
fantastic sams!

heartshapedhedges said...

Is that the haircut where Grandma J spent the next few hours (upon return from SuperCuts) trying to "fix" the hairdo, and then Kelly came and asked me, with swollen red eyes, "Mom wants to know how it looks"...and I busted out laughing that she looked like a mushroom head, and then I got either the belt, or a spanking, or at least a good yelling at with slamming doors and stuff?? Yeah, I remember THAT hair cut.

Anonymous said...

VERY VERY sweet!!
That little guy looks like he has something up his sleeve..they are darling!