Sunday, August 24, 2008


Tonight's show revealed Dan Gheesling as the HOH (that's Head of Household for uninterested non fans).

Most of you know by now that Dan is my favorite to win. I think he is smarter than he lets on, and he is a player in the finest sense of the word. Now, I know it seems like the deal Dan made with Ollie by Gollie was a dumb-ass move. I thought so too...but that's Dan's way of playing. He lets everyone think he doesn't know what he's doing.

Look at what's happening? Ollie is acting like he's the greatest player in Big Brother history! He thinks he's scored the coop of the century, by getting Dan to practically give him all the power. Ollie is bragging to everyone, and revealing the three part deal that Dan made with him....the one Dan made with him with the promise that he wouldn't tell was between the two of them. See where my theory is going? See why Dan and I were made for each other are so happy that Ollie blew the deal and doesn't realize it?

Now, this week is a double elimination, and with Jerry and Memphis on the block anything can happen. The house is evenly split due to the fact that Dan can't vote unless there is a tie. Right now, if the nominees stay the same, Dan will in fact have to break a tie. The winner of the POV,(that's Power of Veto for the uninformed) could change all that by taking someone off, and Ollie telling Dan to put Keesha up....NOT HAPPENING! Wouldn't it be funny if the winner of the POV used it and Michelle was put up? Especially after Ollie bragged about keeping her safe? Just speculating...not revealing anything.

So, hopefully Dan is in the final five! And that of course makes me happy. There is a special event coming up, and I'd like to invite my fellow Big Brother fans and any others who would like to attend. That event is Dan's 25Th birthday! September 1ST is the big day. Be sure and come back to say Happy Birthday to Dan. Wouldn't it be nice if he was the one who got a phone call from home? From his gorgeous girlfriend Monica?


Karen said...

I like Dan too. I don't know about Renny, and Keesha's laugh makes me want her gone.

Anonymous said...

Dan's a bit nerdy, but at least he doesn't bash everyone with the F bomb.


Rebeckah said...

I hope Dan wins just because you like him : ). Anyone you like is a good egg!