Saturday, October 11, 2008


I had a little problem with my scheduling today...and almost missed seeing a movie.

I was all set to see Nick and Nora at 1:40 p.m. So I wandered up to the box office, bought my ticket with my last gift certificate from JJ....specifically asking for a ticket to see Nick and Nora. When I gave it to the ticket taker guy, he said I couldn't go in because I was two hours early! Evidently the movie was at 1:10, not 1:40. So I threw a hissy fit asked what else was about to choices were: Billy: The Early Years, Lakeside Terrace, and The Duchess. I almost decided on The Duchess, but the two ticket taker guys told me Lakeside Terrace was really spectacular.

I love Samuel L. Jackson in a good way, but I'm not much for violence...but, so be it, I would try not to close my eyes, and stick my fingers in my ears and go, la la la la la. I would tough it out. Just for my readers...especially Colin who is critical of my usual choice of movies.

Samuel L. Jackson stars as Abel Turner, an LAPD veteran beat cop. He's a widower whose very hard on his two kids.....

and even harder on his new neighbors. They are a racially mixed couple and this doesn't sit well with Abel. He launches a reign of terror that is hard to figure out. He bounces around from being a good neighbor to being a spooky raging sociopath. Just when you want to like him he flips.

This movie is full of suspense, and has quite a few twists and turns. The plot is very unpredictable, and I recommend it if you like suspense. It's rated PG13, but I think it's more R.

Can you tell this isn't my type of movie?


Rebeckah said...

I like Samuel L Jackson too. I hate violence too! I'm just like you. yAy!

Suz said...

Yeah, I am not into violent movies either. Sam J is a good actor though. I can't believe you were off on your times....are you still on CA time????

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Maybe I'll rent it. How many stars?

Karen said...

This is the movie my husband wants to see. I told him you didn't like it. He said "who cares".
Men are so...ummm yeah, that.

hollywood said...

You were so close to N&N. :) The ticket taker must of been a young girl, because you could have charmed a young guy a the box office window to so some schedule re-adjusting! (isn't the phone store next door? You could of gone there and just caught up and played with your phone)