Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!

I can't believe you are eight years old already. It seems like you were born yesterday. I started going through my pictures, and couldn't believe the journey you've traveled in eight years.

I remember holding you the day you were born, knowing how special and loved you were, and what a joy you were to your mom and dad.

You moved to a new neighborhood before you turned one, and started enjoying the park and Holiday events.

When you were two, your sister Christine was born. I remember you and I planted a flower garden for Mommy.

We went to Target to get flowers to plant, gardening tools and you just had to have this special butterfly to put in your garden.

You loved your new sister, and the two of you were like two peas in a pod.

The summer of 2003, you started spending a lot of Fridays with me and having sleepovers. Your cousin Taylor came from Florida, and you two had lots of fun together.

Then in August, before you were even three, you were diagnosed with Leukemia. Who would have known at the time, what a brave boy you were.

Except for other cancer kids at the hospital, your sister became your only playmate.

You discovered she had teeth!

You quickly became an advocate and fundraiser, walking (mostly in a stroller) in the Night the Light about a month after being diagnosed.

When you were sick, Christine was a comfort to you...
Your Dad train really hard with Team in Training, raising lots of money for blood cancers....he rode his bike 100 miles around Lake Tahoe.

You were there to congratulate him at the finish line! Your Daddy did three century rides....raising money for a cure.

You had to wait a year to do the CHOC Walk at Disneyland, but you participated three years in a row....and with Mommy's help, raised over $40,000 as the top team! Your Mommy trained and completed the Los Angeles Triathlon that same year! (no picture :( )

You turned five..... and joined a T-Ball league.
You had more birthdays....
And Grandparents days...

And girlfriends.....

Then another baby sister...

God heard the prayers of many. You went off treatment in November 2006, and we were blessed.
Soon after, you had surgery to remove your tubes from your chest, and had your first real shower!

You joined a swim team...The Ladera Liquids,where you became a competitive swimmer with medals to prove it!

You climbed high mountains.....

Last year, when you turned seven, I took this picture of you for the Austin Light the Night Walk.

Now you are the second grade, with a really nice teacher.

Tying your own shoes...a feat you struggled with but accomplished.

Going to chapel at school. Becoming such a smart young man,
and making everyone so proud for this day.
Have a great day today. I love you!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Just so you know, I'm crying like a baby.

He is beautiful. My favorite, although they're all precious, is the picture of him holding his newborn/infant sister.

Simply amazing.

I hope he has a fantastic birthday.

Karen said...

An amazing young man, and amazing journey. Happy Birthday 8 year old!
I'm crying too...happy tears.

Suz said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!!! he has been through a lot, bless him and the whole family.
Love the pictures. I wish him a long, happy, and healthy life.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! I like Pooper! Happy Birthday! Is it today? It's my mom's birthday too. They are twins!

Rebeckah said...

This is the most beautiful post. I pray almost every day that he will remain cancer free. I hope he has a wonderful Birthday. He is an amazing child!

hollywood said...

Happy Birthday!

Pumpkin Delight said...

What an amazing little boy and soooo cute! Happy Birthday Pooper!

EmmaRose said...

Oh goodness! Happy birthday Andrew!

Baby Favorite said...

Wow, what a life he has led. You & he are SO blessed to have each other! I am envious of your relationship; I wish my kids had a grandmother like you.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

WoW! I am impressed! First Happy Birthday to Andrew and secondly what a wonderful grandma for having all those photos to display! Great job!

jlo said...

Yaeh for Andrew aka Pooper!!! A happy, healthy, second grade birthday boy!