Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let The Celebrating Begin

Today was a busy day around here. We celebrated a special birthday in our family. JJ's big sister, and of course Grandma J's granddaughter turned fifteen.

Philip Johnny Bob was really excited about his first ride in the new car, and his first party of the season.

This is a special birthday for my granddaughter because her two BFF were there.....

to help celebrate, have pizza and cake, then head off to the movies.

It was special for the family because her Dad, SGT John will be heading back to Iraq in January for his third tour of duty.

I received some mail at my daughter's house too. Remember Post Card Cindy? She's the awesome person who has devoted several years to raising funds for children with cancer. Not only does she help with fundraising, she saves dollar bills all year long by putting them in a jar, resulting in a hefty amount to spearhead the Holiday fundraiser she puts on with Marey at LMNOP.
Cindy doesn't have a blog or website....she reads blogs but rarely comments....she is low profile never looking for recognition. Well all of this bragging about Post Card Cindy is for a reason....thanks to all the donors that wandered over from my blog to make a difference for two families, Cindy sent me this...

Isn't this bear the cutest?

It's on the cutest card from Post Card Cindy......thanking me....

And this scarf...that Post Card Cindy made for me. How amazing is this Angel?

Ummm, note to Cindy...if I didn't love the heck out of you, I'd never take my own arms are too short, and my face is too....close!

So, let me thank Cindy, and all of you again, because I really feel this scarf is a work of love from Post Card Cindy to all of you as well. If you come to the compound, I'll let you wear this beautiful soft scarf.....maybe.
And, yes Cindy, it gets cold here. It was 27 degrees at noon one day last week and right now it's 34 degrees.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am very bad about leaving comments. I am so glad you like the scarf I made just for you, and it is cold enough to be of use. Just for the record, I save the dollar bills in an envelope until I get to $100.00. This year I did that three times! There is a jar though that I fill with change, thankfully I didn't have to cash that in to meet our goal. This is only due to wonderful people like you! LMNOP and I will cash that in together, turn it into gift cards, and hand them out to families in need sometime in the near future. I can't wait to do that!

Postcard Cindy

Anonymous said...

Philip Johnny Bob needs to buckle up. I think making that scarf for you was very nice.
My shopping is done, today is all about football.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to the Granddaughter. She is so tall and pretty. She had to be thrilled when you brought Philip Johnny Bob to help celebrate. I like his monogrammed hat.

That Postcard Cindy is one special angel for sure.

Merry Christmas,


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Happy Birthday to Granddaughter!

I adore Phillip Johnny Bob's Christmas Attire. I can just smell that new car scent right now.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, and don't ask me why I capitalized "attire" above because I don't know why, other than I had just finished capitalizing 4 previous words and was on a roll.

Life with Kaishon said...

Happy Birthday for sure! She looks like a cool kid. I am praying for your son in law already.

I am glad Phillip Johnny Bob got to be one of the first passengers in the new car! He is so lucky!

I love the scarf. It looks warm and cozy. Postcard Cindy and Marey sent us a very nice Thank you Christmas card. I love nice people. They are my most favorite kind : )!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree...PJB needs his seat belt. Don't you have "buckle up" laws in TX? I would hate for you to get a big ticket from the Po-Po. (what my girls call the police)
Post card cindy is awesome. Raising money and knitting? Her talents are endless.
happy bday to Granddaughter. She is gorgeous and so are her bff's.

Caroline said...

Love the scarf! What a nice gift. Happy bday to your Granddaughter...I just had mine on Saturday!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Oh! Postcard Cindy told me about the scarf but I didn't get to see it....very cool....and just in time for the cold spell!

Thanks again Grandma J!