Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How About Some Humble Pie?

....or maybe I should just go ahead and confess to being over zealous when I bragged about losing 10.2 lbs. since January 5th. I was doing such a good job of Smacking Down the Big Blogger Butt before I went on vacation. Then I came back home to find out I had lost another 3.6 lbs! Yeah for me! But in reality I knew that couldn't be true because I did some over indulging in CA.

Not that I actually ate a Molten Lava Cake at Chili's, but the kids and I did the full fast food circuit.....McD's, Burger King, In N Out, Baskin Robbins, and of course IHOP.

So, I apologize for jumping the gun, and leading y'all on....thus, there's egg on my face, and I'm fessing up to cheating.

And just in case anyone out there is a chemist or super duper caloric/sugar analyst...tell me something. Because really no matter how I do the math, I can't figure out how this equates......

Three pounds of Butterscotch Squares from See's.....slowly nibbled rationed over a period of, oh, let's say one week month...minus three weeks.... does this three lbs cause an active woman with hypothyroid to gain 3.6 lbs?

I'm working on remedying the situation...I went to WalMart, bought some lettuce, celery, and tomatoes for tonight's salad.

Then I picked up these flowers for $5 instead of the apples with caramel dip. I am back on the wagon, and just for good measure I'm saying three Hail Mary's.

Can I get an Amen?


M said...

But I am glad you got your butterscotch squares cuz you can't get 'em where you live...I have to run tomorrow because I am 4 pounds heavier than before I went to work on my mom's house...I don't understand....perhaps it was the KFC...I think they put crack in it!

Anonymous said...

Luckily you can't get those anywhere near you. I have a weakness that is more fattening, it's called beer.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


Regarding that three pounds of candy and how it turns into more pounds of weight, it's the same concept as dirty laundry. One piece of dirty laundry left in the hamper quickly mutates into four hundred pounds of dirty laundry. It's all a mystery to me.

I don't like it, and I don't understand it.

(I just noticed the Blog Fest sign on your side bar - yay!)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, vacation is a killer isn't it? What are you going to do? starve? neglect the grandkids? nah, you can't do that.
Love the flower idea. But do they taste good?
good luck, suz

Keeper Of All Things said...

Now as long as you don't dip those flowers in chocolate.......
You should be good

Keeper Of All Things said...

Oh and good luck!!!!

mom x 2 said...


I mean you were on vacation right? Don't you get to eat what you want when you want on vacation? No? uh- oh :)

Mental P Mama said...

You were on vacation! I think 3.6 is nothing. But that's how I roll. Justification station.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Look at it this way, you're still down on weight.
I am worried about my vaca, those all you can eat crab legs are calling me already!!

sista #2 said...

Just had one of those lava cakes the other night! OMG little Big F and myself had a grand old time.


Life with Kaishon said...

Amen : ). I am so proud of you. I LOVE your flowers. But most of all, I love your beautiful spirit. You are such a blessing. I am so thankful to have met you in this beautiful blogging world. So, so thankful!

Anonymous said...

is that for the golden bear reunion?