Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday early bird's view

I Love You, Man!

I am so glad you wanted me to see I Love You, Man instead of Miss March!

I loved it, man! Ha! Don't you just love it when I get all corny and think I'm clever? Yeah, me too.

Phil and I set out for the Cinemark Theaters to see the first movie of the day. Unfortunately I forgot to bring a bag to put him in so he had to stay in the car. It's bad enough when he's in a bag, but he's too shy to let me carry him in without one.

To that I say, Dude, get over it, and stay in the car.

Peter proposes to the love of his life, and in the course of planning their wedding, it becomes apparent that he has no male friends. None...zilch!

So the journey begins to get some friends, guy friends....friends of his own gender.

Paul Rudd's performance as Peter Klaven, a nice guy with serious dweebish tendencies, is hysterical and cute all in one. I have to say I cringed at his inability to make friends with individuals of his own gender. His many attempts either sent the wrong message, or exposed his lack of skills at simple things like drinking with the guys, or playing poker. His attempts at "guy talk" and slang were so lame, you had to laugh, but also made me want to rescue Peter and be his best friend forever. Of course, he didn't need woman friends, that part came easy to Peter.

When Jason Segal as Sydney Fife, enters into his life, Peter is uneasy with the comfortable relationship that develops. But hey, who doesn't love Jason Segal? Sydney lives in Venice Beach CA, and has a very laid back slacker lifestyle. He is smart, sweet, honest and funny.

I really think men will love this movie as much as women. It's a romantic comedy, and a story about friendship and falling in love between two straight men. It doesn't get much better or funnier.

I give this movie 4 of of 5 thumbs up!!


A few of you mentioned that I should probably just read a book. So I thought I would ease your minds and let you know that I read about two or three books a week. I'm retired now, and I have upped my reading as well as my movie going. I read non-fiction almost exclusively. After giving away boxes of paperback books, I only buy hard cover books, and if I get the opportunity, I get them signed. Right now I'm finishing up Teacher Man: A Memoir, by Frank McCourt. I love his works, especially Tis and Angela's Ashes. I also just finished The Yankee Years by Joe Torre, a very good read for sports fans, and non sports fans alike.

Books currently on order from Amazon:

In Search of Fatima, by Ghada Karmi
Ernie, The Memoir, by Ernest Borgnine
Secrets Can Be Murder, by Jane Valez-Mitchell

Why don't I do book reviews, you ask? I don't like critiquing the books that I read. Because I read mostly non-fiction, the author's perspective is the book itself, and it would be like judging someone else's life. I don't do it.

The reason I love going to matinees? Well, once upon a time, Grandma J worked at a job ten hours a day with a commute both ways. While her job was a kick ass civil servant gig interesting, fun and rewarding, she didn't have much energy to go out every evening.

Living in So. CA, the outdoors was what I loved. Kayaking, frolicking in the surf, casinos romping with active toddlers, casinos and gardening and cleaning my home in my spare time. I just wasn't a movie goer, hunting for a seat on the weekends. I told myself, Self, when you retire, you will go to afternoon matinees once a week even if it kills you.
And I do....or at least I try to.


Living on the Spit said...

I love how you post, love PJB, and lov you even, no one makes me laugh the way you do!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you said it's not exclusively a chick flick because I like Jason Segal.

Does it scare you in the least that the bear is becoming a mini you?


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad you liked it...I will try to get to this one before it is on DVD then.
I did not know you read a lot of books....I think you should WRITE one yourself....that would be good. ;0

M said...

Oh I love your movie reviews...and I love that photo...because if you look in your sunglasses you can see your arm and the camera :)

Have you read the Last Lecture yet? I have some non-fiction books you would probably enjoy....if I head to TX I will bring them...I don't get to read much...unless you count Seuss and Carle!

Pumpkin Delight said...

I love that Jason Segal. He was great in Freaks and Geeks and now in How I Met Your Mother, but I haven't seen any of his movies.

I saw Duplicity this weekend and it was cute too.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK, the movie review is fantastic; I didn't know you read so many books; but the best part of this whole post?

The picture of you and Phillip Johnny Bob and the fact that you say "he's too shy" to go into the theater without being stuffed in a bag.

Funny stuff, I tell you.

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

LUV LUV LUV PJB's Shades!!
You make me laugh...THANKS SO MUCH!
And hey, can't wait for that movie to come out now!! I'll make it a point to get it!
Did you see Bride Wars?

Mental P Mama said...

That picture is priceless. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

It sounds really cute. I used to LOVE going to the movie by myself and did it all the time. And then Kevin became my movie going friend and it really is no fun without him. So, I'll either wait for him to get back from Albuquerque (working out there) or be a big girl and go myself.

You and PJB are super cute!

Jen said...

I will wait for that to come to Pay per View, as usual. Thanks for the review and the laugh today.
I'm surprised to one called the cops on you for leaving Phillip unattended in the car.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I want to be like you when I retire GJ! You really need to think about writing for Saturday Night Live, I mean for matinee and gas money if nothing else.

PBJ and you look splendid in your hats and shades!

Karen said...

That PJB is one cool dude! I'm glad the movie was a success. I'm looking forward to seeingit. Have a great weekend and don't forget some sunblock for PJB.

hollywood said...

I don't think Phillip Johnny Bob minds being carried by hand...But I never pictured him in a bag, is it a Walmart bag because that is kinda mean.

Life with Kaishon said...

This was just wonderful! A wonderful review and another glimpse into your life. I am SO thankful I have met you. I love going along on your journey : ). I dearly love PJB. Gary and I are watching a movie tonight and I will NOT do a review of it because all of my Christian friends would probably FREAK out about it. I am kind of freaking out about it myself but my best friend Jen said it is hilarious and Gary really wants to see it. Zach and Miri make a Porn. That is what it is called. I will tell you, (just you) all about it : ).

hollywood said...

I have been out all day---got home; checked my sites. TMZ....ShamWow story. WOW. Not quite the suprise though.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! That movie was SO bad. The one I told you about. I will Never, ever let Gary pick a movie again. I am still recovering. You would not like that movie! I am not even kidding!: )

Anonymous said...

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