Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hanging Out in South County

That's what Grandma J has been doing......back and forth to schools, dance classes, car washes and laundry.

Then the Saturday morning tradition is a visit to McD's for Dad and the kids. Isn't this a happy bunch of loons?

 They all have their specialties.....eggs for Little One.

 Pancakes for Beauty

 And ditto for Andrew.

Dad gets the works.

Now, we are off to a day of bickering and whining frolicking and tickle sessions.

Just so no one gets totally ticked off bored, here is a question for you......

 Should Grandma J buy JJ a Snuggie? Would you buy your dog one..if you have a dog?


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

No Snuggie for JJ but PJB said he wants one.

YOur grandbabies are beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Those eyes!

Margaret said...

My knuckleheads would use it as a rope in a doggy tug-of-war. They've been known to do this with fleece blankets.
I'm sure that your little JJ would be an angel and love it.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Now that is a good looking bunch you have there GJ! Spoil em rotten!

No snuggie for JJ but it will make a nice hide out for Crusty!

Glad you are having fun!

Living on the Spit said...

What a beautiful family!!! I know you are loving every moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those kids have grown soooo much! The cutest grandkids ever!


CGS said...

I'm not a fan of dressing dogs up. I can't imagine they enjoy it either.

Your grandchildren are beautiful!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So glad you are enjoying your family. The kids are GORGEOUS and growing up so much since you last visited.
No snuggies for little weiners. NEVER.

Anonymous said...

Why not go all out and get JJ his very own full size snuggie? I bought one for my hubby as a joke and our dog will pull it out of the pile and lay on it! If one of the kids is using it she will bug them until they lay some of it out for her to get on!

The grandkids are getting big! They are precious. How old are they now? Still can't get over how much alike they all look!

Enjoy your trip. Be safe!


Daryl said...

Oh GrandmaJ what beauties they grow in SoCal .. I think since PJB has been so nice to Crabby he deserves a Snuggie

Pat Jenkins said...

what did you have grandma j for breakfast? i hope you stayed away from the eggs, your hot doc wouldn't want your cholestoral to get too high!!!... karen would get a snuggie in a heartbeat. she needs one for herself first though!

Anonymous said...

Ix-nay on the Snuggie (for dogs or people).

HSH's kids are so beautiful/handsome and ever-so-grown-up since last we saw them. What a delight to see some new photos. Hope you're having a ball.

Karen B.

Anonymous said...

I would get one but Rosie has pj's already