Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wishing you all a....


Grandma J feels so blessed this Thanksgiving for all the wonderful people in her and friends alike.   A special prayer of thanks to our troops who are deployed, protecting our freedoms.
God has been very good to me.

Now can someone please tell me....

....where the heck my turkey disappeared to?


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ha! That must be for people on a diet - a light turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Forget the turkey. Have pizza.

Happy Thanksgiving


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You are a nut! And I am so thankful for you GJ! God has blessed me and my family.
Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend.
If you dont find that turkey you can come eat shrimp with us today.
Love you bunches!

Daryl said...

Turkey Lite .. CBW is right .. and so is Noe Noe .. you are the light in our lives!

Jen said...

You are as funny as a turkey with a lamp shade on it's head!
PS-I think Pat is re-grouping. ?

Karen Deborah said...

you are so funny! I can't tell you where that critter is but I'd hide too!
Continuing to pray for the safe return of your son and thank you for serving our country. So much to be thankful for.
I am also thankful for you!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

hollywood said...

I thought about him yesterday & you and your family. I have a new client who has a son in law that is evicting her from her house after hip surgery and it made me think what a wonderful son in law you have. :) (and what a bad one the other lady has!!) Yea, Sgt. John!!!