Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Christmas Parade
small town in Texas style

Grandma J's granddaughter, along with her dance team, marched in  the local Christmas parade last Saturday.  The parade was starting at 5ish in the evening.   It was a cold and blustery in the low 30s....but hey, that's what it's supposed to be like in the middle of December.   Cold weather sets the mood....Santa will be all bundled up and the reindeer won't be breaking a sweat.

Grandma J and company set up camp towards the end of the parade so they can meet up with her granddaughter for a fast escape afterwards.  Now, it wasn't like we were at the very end....just a couple of blocks from the end.     Don't you just love the front row seats?   Oh, and yes, it never gets any, crowdier. Oh heck I don't know the right word,  except this is  pretty much as crowded as it gets.

Grandma J's daughter and JJ are really into this whole parade, but for different reasons.    Daughter can't wait for her little girl to pass by, and JJ....well, he likes horses and of course wants to see Santa and his reindeer....mostly the reindeer.

JJ gets focused...and starts doing his little anxiety shiver.......

Yeah, like this is what JJ was expecting?     This was the only Santa we saw in the parade!

By the time Grandma J's granddaughter came, it was pitch dark out...with no lighting what so ever.  So, here is a picture of her granddaughter in the car after the parade.

Yes, she's in her pajamas.....and yes, can you believe a dance team wore their pajamas to march in the parade? 

Does anyone else have parades like this?


Life with Kaishon said...

We went to a parade too! Maybe I will put this pictures up tomorrow for Sundays in my City. You could link this up too : ) The people would love you there. Who doesn't love you? If I ever meet them I will beat them : ) That kind of rhymed a little. I wish I was visiting you in Texas today. Gary is still at work. It is snowing like crazy outside. And Kaish and Shoshi are playing Playstation 3 at his house. I feel lonely. And cold. My feet need fuzzy socks!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love a good parade...but I need some Santa at the end!!!!

PJ's? Were they going to Olive Garden afterwards???

The Incredible Woody said...

One year our town Christmas parade was 'Santa-less'. He showed up drunk and fell out of the chimney on his float!!

loxandlo said...

In my neighborhood we have a parade with two bands and Santa on a firetruck. Little elves walk along the parade throwing candy to kids. It runs just past my front porch and along 4 other streets. I get to stand on my porch in pj's. Last year they started too late and everyone had to have flashlights to see. This year it started at 4pm. I'll miss this when I move.

Karen Deborah said...

looks like ya'll had fun. They have a parade around here some place.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

This looks like a lot of fun, and that JJ is just precious.

We had a parade last Saturday too. Ours started at six and was a lighted parade, simply beautiful and awesome. Having it at night with all the floats lit up makes all the difference in the world.

Nobody wore pajamas in our parade though. This must be a new thing. Wonder if I can get away with wearing them to work.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Your grandaugher is beautiful!
And that JJ....what a hound!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

No never been to a Christmas parade without a Santa. lol
Maybe it was dark because the girls wore their pj's. Just kidding your granddaughter is beautiful
Merry Christmas

Mental P Mama said...

LOL....only in Texas!

Daryl said...

I am still thinking seem to love wearing PJs out and about .. .with flip-flops .. brrrr