Tuesday, July 12, 2011

? Question Of The Day ?

Who hasn't seen the Chick.fil.A cows on billboards and sign holders?   You know silly ones and funny ones.  Even ones offering free chicken like this one.  Grandma J thinks they are cute and clever but she doesn't pay much attention to them like some people...

You know,  like Elise who stops in for some chicken and a game of chess.

Last week Grandma J and JJ drove through Chick.fil.A and noticed this sign on the window......

Now, who doesn't think Grandma J and JJ could use some free Chick.fil.A?   I mean think about it. 
 JJ and Grandma J are both white.....even though Grandma J is a weird shade of white paste.   Just add some black spots to the mix and we're in!  How easy is that?

Ok, so Grandma J checked out the Chick.fil.A and found out that yes in deed, Cow Appreciation Day was over.
Darn it,  another disappointment in the land of milk and chicken that makes up Grandma J's world. 

Off subject, ok quit rolling your eyes, did Grandma J ever tell you that one of the California Happy Cows was named after her or vice versa?

Seriously...and another one has her middle name.  Who does that to their cow child?  

By the way, California Happy Cows aren't for eating, they are cheese cows....that's why they are happy.

But....there is a sliver of light in this hour of darkness.......according to the Chick.fil.A's website, you can submit pictures  via iPhone.

Here's the question.....should Grandma J and JJ dress like COWS and submit a photo via iPhone?

xoxo Grandma J


Daisy said...

I say YES! Make sure you post the pictures here on your blog too, if you do! :D

Very moooving post, Grandma J. haha!

Life with Kaishon said...

YES! I can't wait to see you and JJ as cows. I know you will be cute, cute, CUTE!

Daryl said...

YES!!!!! And I want to see the photo

Mark said...

Yes! I may even have one that you could borrow. Although you should have it dry cleaned first.

Busy Bee Suz said...

YES!!!!!! DO IT!!!
We saw some peeps this weekend AT chic fil a all cowed up. So cute.
My aunt and Uncle did this last year...my family will do anything for free food too.

Anonymous said...

I think you are related to Busy Bee Suz because you will do anything for free stuff.


Mental P Mama said...

Only after a cocktail. Or three.

Tamar SB said...

I don't think I've ever seen a Chick-fil-a! Actually wouldn't eat there, but I hear their ice-cream is great!

Ben said...

I say get MOOOOOO-ving and do it! (Hi!)

M said...

Of course!
I could take a pic and give you the free food...there's no Chick Fil-a here....but I have a cow costume...I wore it for Halloween....and then several other teachers wore it too :)
Moooo-moooo moo-(ve)...you have to see my bolg to get that last moo.

hollywood said...

ROFL---My son worked for CFA in high school and it was (at least his) a great place for a teenager to work. Had to be clean cut, good grades, closed on Sundays for worship & family time. We have one of the few free -standing CFA's in the U.S. I don't know how they all work.

My shy quiet son, LOVED to be the cow dancing outside. Which was odd for him, then he said he got an extra .25 an hour in the costume and that people in cars would 'toss' stuff @ him and he made a bunch of change. He did say it was very hot. Everytime I see the CFA Cow I smile :)