Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Want You To Meet My Peeps
because they are very special....

No, not these Peeps, even though they do a good job of satisfying my need for sugar....pure sugar.

Nor these.....
But these! These are the Peeps who helped me launch my blog! Yes, they sure did! They encouraged me and jumped right in there and commented without forethought or shame. So let me introduce you, as best I can.

This is Hallie with one of her weiner dogs. I don't know how many she has....but she sure does love them, and they love her! Thank you, Hallie, for the warm welcome into the world of blogging.
Meet Postcard Cindy. Here is one awesome woman who earned her nickname not from blogging but from DOING! That's right.....Cindy doesn't have a blog, but she donates time, money and postcards. She is there when she is needed. Cindy painted Christmas plates to raise thousands of dollars to help families of cancer kids. She never asks for anything in return. I thank you, Cindy! Ok, Veronica! Veronica loves me....and I love her. Who the heck are you, Veronica? I made your outfit fancy with spots on it and I put some cows out to pasture because I do know you live in Texas, and if you live in Tx then it's all about the cattle....sort of. So keep visiting me, and tell me more about you....girlfriend!My oldest daughter Kim , is a blogger from Southern CA. She is a Trojan, and don't ever forget it. Some Trojans like to show their colors by wearing USC Hawaiian shirts...because they aren't in Hawaii.... Kim has three little kidlets. One is a cancer survivor and Kim has become a strong advocate for pediatric cancer research. Her kids love baseball, swimming, dancing and anything Disney!
Meet Kelly , she is my baby. Kelly lives in Colorado where they have big mountains and very little oxygen. Her two boys are total jocks and love all name it! They call me Grandma DeLux...and we can all guess why! I know she doesn't hang out in blogville much but she had to take a peek. I heart Kelly and her family.
Briana is someone most of us know. We know her and admire her, yes! If you are wondering why she is the only one wearing spandex pants it's because she is nothing if she's not riding for a cure. Briana runs too. She raises tens of thousands for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Team in Training. Marey and Kim do well as others but Briana LIVES it. I like her so much I gave her a water bottle shaped like a rocket. Yep, nothing is too good for Briana.Thank you..for all you do. This is Marey . I have known Marey for over four years. Marey is a kindergarten teacher and a good one at that! We've never met in person but I have followed her oldest daughter's cancer journey and now she's cancer free and in college. Marey also makes hundreds of Christmas Santa plates to raise thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer families every year. Hopefully your family will never be on the receiving end of Marey's can check them out and make a note to order some next year...EVERYONE should have one...I do! Meet Cortney . I know Cortney through other blogs. She is an AGGIE....and Aggies don't have long horns. I don't know what they have except good sports and sports fans. Actually Texas A&M is a mighty fine institution academically as well. Cortney likes vollyball too...that's why I gave her one. She's blurry because she just can't stand still....sort of. Thank you, Cortney for making me smile, and we really have to get together some day since we are both in CenTex...which is much more than a home builder....yes, way!

There you have it! I love my Peeps! I won't blog tomorrow on Good Friday, but I want you to all have a Happy Easter, and remember it really is all about HIM.

Love, Grandma J


Anonymous said...

1. You have way too much time on your hands.

2. This was AWESOME! No one has ever made a Peep of me before!

3. Veronica is one of my best friends and I told her about Heartshaped Hedges and then we learned all about you.

Have a very Happy Easter Grandma J and all her Peeps! haha!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Oh that's terribly creative! So very cute too! So many nice folks in cyberspace :)

Here at the LMNOP household we like to nuke them peeps...they raise up in the microwave and flambeaux! Of course not your cute little bunnies though!

Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

lololol GRANDMA J IS THE COOLEST GRANDMA EVER!!!!! I like Cortney have never been a peep before. Thanks Grandma J you are the best!!!!!

heartshapedhedges said...

For those who never knew before, Grandma J is very crafty. Not sneeky crafty (ok, she can be that too when she wants...) but, let's-make-fun-artsy-things crafty.

She likes to decorate cakes, and rice krispy treats.

She likes to BEDAZZLE things (so, hide your jeans.)

She even went above and beyond to decorate my hat for the kindergarten hat contest.

Yep, she is very crafty, always has been, and from the looks of how she spent her evening, always will be.

and....funny "Texas hair" on my girls...but, only Beauty has big hair, Little One's hair is straight (like her moms.)

Your favorite, smartest, best roller skater, daughter (sorry K n K, just keepin' it real. Although, probably only one K is even reading this, if either one is at, AND YOUR MOST FAITHFUL BLOGGER DAUGHTER can be added to that list.)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I am dying!!!!! You made me out of peep!!! How freakin awesome!! I am SOOOOOO stealing this pic (if you don't mind) to include on my blog tomorrow. LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

Yeah for you!! You are so creativity!! (and to think I hated peeps - but NO MORE!!!)

Hallie :)

(btw, I currently have 2 fabulous wieners!)

kim-d said...

GRANDMA J!!!! How on earth did I NOT find you before??? I have been "stalking" Andrew's CB site for YEARS, and also Kim's Heart-Shaped Hedges--I think I may have even commented a few times! Those three kids are so darn cute I was hooked from the first time I visited! Back then, I used to get a little shy and not comment--but no more! I'm just so glad to have made my way over here from Hallie's place. I LOVE THE funny. And I figure we Virgo grandmas need to stick together! I'll be back...

The Running Girl said...

Grandma J, you crack me up!!! I love the "me" on your page. You did an awesome job on all the peeps.

You definitely need to come south a ways on the interstate. Cortney and I go to the same church and both work with the youth group, so if you come for a visit, we'll treat you right!

Happy Easter!

LaskiGal said...

Wow. You are just too, too cool. I came over from Lizzy. This is awesome. What a peeping fabulous tribute!

I need to eat a Peep now . . .

creative-type dad said...

Oh my gosh...

Those are cool!

Anonymous said...

Grandma J,

I have to say you are so creative, I love my peep!!!! I do need to set the record straight though, I did not paint any plates. Marey does the painting part, I just buy the plates and ship them to her. I had a busy week with a co-worker out from Norwalk. I am wine tasted out, but I did pick up a ton of Postcards and Dottie brought me some from New York. So I will write a bunch today.

Happy Easter!
Postcard Cindy