Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Heartbreak of Having a Child With MCS.....

Not every family has a child afflicted with MCS, or more commonly known as Middle Child Syndrome.

, like so many parents try not to recognize the fact that yes, my middle child really does get booted to the curb on occasion. Of course, it's not something I purposely set out to do. When it's brought to my attention I do what most moms do....I go overboard trying to make it up to the child with MCS.

That's exactly what happened to me today. I had some shopping to do because tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and I needed some new white sandals. Actually, I wanted some white flip flops, but that sounds a bit tacky for Easter...but yes, I ended up with some nice flip flops...because nothing says "high fashion" like flip flops at Easter Mass.

Anyway, I get home and before I get out of the car my cell phone's my middle daughter. We have a change of plans for Easter....NO COOKING ALLOWED...we are going out for brunch!! Thank goodness!

Now, just so you know, my middle daughter is nothing but good to me. She let me stay with her when I arrived in Texas for almost a YEAR! Believe me, that's a whole lot of love going on! She added SHO2 to her Direct TV so I could watch Big Brother After Dark. She gave me spa certificates, she took me to name it...the sky was the limit.

So, I asked her is she liked the little Peep People on my blog. She did, but she noticed that her older and younger sisters had a Peep Person and she (the child with MCS) didn't. What the .....?? So, I tried to explain that I only made Peep People of the folks who left a welcoming comment on my blog. Of course, she understood....ummmm sure, yeah, that's ok...uh huh.

So now, without further my middle daughter, her handsome husband and their middle child JJ. I am nothing if I'm not fair.

Love, Mommy


One Scrappy Chicklet said...

First off Welcome to the blogging world. I found you via Hallie and wanted to let you know that I also have a child that suffers from MCS. And I am guilty of the same offenses. Your peep people are adorable, I love Hallies. And your middle daughter is adorable.

Have a great Easter

heartshapedhedges said...
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Anonymous said...

Good job! I think I have SCOTS (second child of two syndrome) which may be a lot like MCS as in ther are no pictures of the youngest and I always had hand-me-downs and I never got to pick where we went to dinner. I can feel the pain!

Anonymous said...

I seem to have MCS. Being the middle child is the worst.

The Dorsey Boys said...

I think we're the "middle grandchildren" is there a label for that?
The Dorsey Boys

Rebeckah said...

Awwwwwwwwwww. She is very beautiful : ). I heard MCS is a lifetime ailment though. It will never go away. Poor baby. At least she has JJ!
Oh, laughed my head off about the high fashion white flip flops : ). You are so funny!