Monday, March 17, 2008

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Today is St. Patrick's Day.....a day for all things green. You wear it, eat it, drink it and pinch it. Ok, you're not supposed to pinch it, but rules can be broken, especially if you're color blind.

As popular as this day is for the Irish, and those who stake that claim for one day, this whole party started in New York City in the 1700's. Of course no one told those Irish immigrants that St. Pat was born in England. Nevertheless, he saved the Irish from the serpents. He drove them into the sea, never to be seen on the Emerald Isle again.

Many Irish countrymen were so sad about the snakes banishment that they traveled to the United States of America. That's what my ancestors did. My sweet paternal grandmother used to love looking for snakes on the farm that she lived on with my grandfather. It was in Rhode Island, so it was a small farm. The snakes she would find were small barn type snakes. Pretty much harmless. For my grandmother, catching these snakes was a sport she could brag about in her letters home.

Margaret Mary Spellman, arrived in the USA on June 6, 1900 aboard The Oceanic. She was seventeen and alone. She worked for a nice family in New York City as a nanny for five years as payment for her visa and fare. Luckily for Margaret, she really liked her "family" and not all the immigrant Irish nanny's could say that. In later years she married a Frenchman of all things. OOOO LA LA.

My maternal grandparents were both Irish too, which is probably why I have such a pleasant temper-free disposition. Ok, I hear all the snickers. So, today I salute my heritage. I will wear my claddagh and I will have a boiled dinner the way my family always did with ham, not corned beef.

Now go be Irish! Even if it's for just one day.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to wear green today. I got pinched. :(

The Dorsey Boys said...

Grandma DeLux, we love your blog. We both have green on today to celebrate ST. Patty's Day. We too have a blog-

And your hat looks PHAT!
Love, The Dorsey Boys (Ty & Zach)

The Dorsey Boys said...

Grandma DeLuxe,
oops, this is our blog:

heartshapedhedges said...

WHAT????? She came over because she missed the snakes? She used to hunt for snakes?? That might explain a few things.....

Anyhoo....Andrew has his new cast (orange, to match the orange harmonica that his new "wife" gave him.)...and a new silver toothed crown too.

He also is wearing a giant, green, floppy top hat (much like the one you have on in your photo)..he got it from St. Baldrick's last year.

Christine has a cute green dress....Elise has one too, but she isnt wearing it, since she was stranded on the East Coast. She and Doug are on their drive home from the airport now.

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Anonymous said...

Grandma J you are dont know me but I am a dedicated Heart Shaped Hedges reader and I love your comments. lol Cant wait to read future blog entries.


heartshapedhedges said...

Grandma J....

time for your next post, dontcha think??

You are RETIRED, so there will be no excuses about why you have lagged in your blogging.

We dont want to hear any excuses about getting stuck pulling weeds in the garden, or about your 3-dayer binge at a local, Indian casino (although, doubt you would admit that here.)

So, let's get typing Grandma DeLux!

Maybe as a way of introducing yourself to your readers, you could write about your wild days, surfing the waves of HB, or, raising the sweetest daughter that ever graced the earth (and I dont mean Kris or Kelly!!!)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Had to come over and "meet" you. I've never met anyone that's afraid of raw pastry! Love it!!

Saw you over at Ree's - laughed so hard I just knew I had to stop by!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to accept that "heartshapedhedge's" kids have actual names. I was thinking hmmmm Andrew... POOPER!!