Wednesday, April 16, 2008


There seems to be a huge blogging road trip going on right now. Actually, it's officially called Bossy's Excellent Road Trip. That's right, her name is Bossy and she is criss-crossing the country visiting bloggers. Anyway I got to thinking....and then she got me thinking again!

For those who haven't been reading my blog don't know, I am fairly new to Texas. I retired last year and moved here from the OC, which is in paradise So Ca. Well guess what? She lives in Central Texas too....and so does she ...and others do too. I like these bloggers and I love their blogs. I actually met Briana when she ran the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon in 2005 (I think). I felt such a connection because I ran it too Briana was a member of Team in Training, running for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Well, Cortney has been begging me mentioning getting together for some grub at Taco Bueno a meet and greet....sort of like a Major Road Trip!

I decided to check out the logistics for such a trip. This is what the interactive map looks like in all time zones:

It seems very I'm invisioning, meeting these blogging friends. The planning would mean traveling on the infamous Central Texas interstate.

I'm sure you are familiar with some of the famous historical travelers of this well traveled interstate. Before it was an interstate Poncho Villa probably traveled this road to defeat spongebob those guys, or maybe not.

But did you know who else became famous traveling down this road?

And with that being said, look forward to more updates on the impending Major Road Trip right here in the heartland. So blogger, please get together, pick a time and destination for a hoe down. Your area is way more exciting and I probably have nothing going on in my life a more flexable schedule, so you guys lead the way Jose!

*please note that this Major Road Trip in no way is meant to compete with or mirror any Excellent Road Trips currently taking place. Besides, Bossy doesn't read my blog, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her..too badly.


CGS said...

When we come to Texas next time, we'd love to have a road trip and meet you too! (Don't know when that will be though. =(

Anonymous said...

Oh my freakin' goodness! I'm SO excited!!! Briana and I will make a plan around her extremely busy life! I hate to tell you but I've never had Taco Bueno before. :)

heartshapedhedges said...

Bossy was muey disappointed that you werent there with us in Laguna Beach...I reminded her you moved to hell, er, I mean Texas.

She loves you and your blog, so, better hope she doesnt catch you stealing her idea, although, on second thought, she'll probably be flattered.

The Running Girl said...

Wahoo!!!! Come on down Grandma J and we'll treat you right!!! I will definitely get with Cortney and we'll see what we can come up with.

The Running Girl said...

And yes, it was 2005 in San Diego. You have a great memory.

Anonymous said...

The first date we could come up with is Sunday, May 18th. What do you think? We thought you could come to church with us and have lunch and hang out. The only other Sunday we were both here is the 27th and Briana's daughter is getting confirmed at church that day so they will have tons of people in ton and be really busy. What do you think about May 18th??? We are so excited!

Anonymous said...

I am coming to Texas at the end of July. So if you are home we can try together. I'm thinking of flying, because a big road trip with a four year old in the middle of freaking summer through the desert and in to Texas sound like madness.

Carol Z. The O.C.

P.S. I hate the "O.C." but I guess life has to resemble Hollywood.

Jason said...

You go, Grandma! I hope it works out for you.