Monday, April 7, 2008


Some people never learn. NEVER.

I attended my granddaughter's first track meet on Saturday. If you've never attended a track meet, it's an all day affair with action going on everywhere. Did I mention that it lasts ALL DAY?

My granddaughter is tall, slender and an athlete.....a super all around athlete. She is only in 8th grade but excels at several sports. Not that I would brag, but just letting you know, she was participating in several events...thus it really was ALL DAY for her.

When I arrive in the morning, it was 54 degrees out. I wore a long sleeve polo type shirt. It was a bit nippy but it wasn't bad. It ended up getting pretty warm....really warm...HOT.

When I got home, I had a sun burn that wrapped around my neck...all the way around. By Sunday morning my neck looked like a red balloon. So..there you have it. I stayed in all day church...nothing!

I played with my new toy...loading all my music and setting my radio stations.

This is the toy I bought on impulse because I felt goofy carrying my boom box with my on my power walks (in my jamas). It's also the toy that the cashier at Wally World commented..."hmmm what made her buy a Walkman". I mean...the Wally Guy in electronics told me it was his first choice. Should have gone to Best Buy. Still, I like it.

Then I made these.

I hope to have about 30 made by Christmas for these kids .

After all this rambling, I will share a little secret......yesterday? I stayed topless. Today? More of the same. My neck still hurts....I have no shame.


The Running Girl said...

I knew where you were headed as soon as I read "all day track meet". Saturday morning was cold, but it warmed up quickly. I'm dreading summer. At my son's soccer game it was in the low 70s, but I was dying of heat. It's time to bring out the sunscreen! Hope your neck feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

You crazy girl! Topless! :)

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Cute blankies!!
I ran track trough college...even ran with the guys in a high school hurdle relay...and I know what you mean about allllllll daaaaaaay!
I hope you have some aloe vera for your burn :)

What tunes have you downloaded?

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I love Neil Diamond!! Saw him at the Greek a few times when I was in high school- once inside at several time from the trees! (Tree people!) Also the Beatles and Stones are on my pod...along with all my school songs...I can't play shuffle or I end up with classroom tunes!- No Monkees though.

Yes, those are flowers outside my classroom window- I am fortunate to have an entire garden that I keep up when I can. The birds love it and often come inside if I keep the back door open...then we have to turn the lights off and then they fly out. The kids love it. I am getting duck eggs when I return from spring break!! I have never hatched eggs before because I couldn't afford an incubator. I read up a little on Disny tongiht...but with so much to do this week I haven't had too much time to get excited.

heartshapedhedges said...

TMI Grandma J! T.M.I. (!!!)

Um, not sure if I am allowed to say this (if not, just censor me again....) but, remember when we were little, and you always walked around the house naked, except, you had nude colored panty hose on? Do you do that again, now that you have your own place?

Anyhoo...tell us more about the track athlete and how good she did....she is so beautiful, she should be a model for athletic clothing..and pretty dresses.

heartshapedhedges said...

PS. L.O.V.E. the blankets!! My kids adore theirs, Beauty thinks it's the softest thing ever, and is constantly rubbing it on her face as she sucks her thumb (aka her name sake) and Kyle likes his too. Im sure they will be well appreciated.