Friday, May 9, 2008


Evening Update.....This movie was hilarious....much funnier than I expected, and not as corny. The story line was clever and interesting with a few twists. Lake Bell and Rob Corddry as the best friends were equally funny. So, yep, it was a thumbs up again.

I am packing my ham sandwich, on Jewish Rye, with
yellow mustard which is so unkosher-ish. That, a bottle of AquaFina, and a box of raisins nestled in my purse.....and I'm off to see:


Because really? Who couldn't use a little Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz on "Friday Lights"? And hey, do you remember my whole fiasco with the IRS? And remember how when it was all said and done, they owed me $12? Well the check came in the mail, and it included $1.41 interest for a whopping total of $13.41. That didn't even pay for my gas driving to Wacko Waco TX two days in a row. But I'm happy to have closure.

Now there is something else that really bothers me this Friday, and I want to share it with you and you and maybe other concerned readers too. It's been brought to my attention that not only are some of my special friends lurkers, they have actually formed an alliance that functions outside of their normal work environment. That's right, they hold meetings. The Lurkers Three don't hold these meetings in a conference room like normal people, and they don't take it down the block to Starbucks like your typical civil servant. They take it here.......

The funny thing is, they don't talk "blog"...they just smile at each other, it's a knowing smile. You guys are a hoot! And I love you, now get back to work.


v said...

Grandma J is an early bird. Hope your movie is great

The Running Girl said...

I remember several years ago. The company I worked for at the time had "Summer Fridays" which meant that each Friday, half the staff got to leave at noon. So every other Friday, I got off early. Since the kids were at day care, I went to see a movie on my Fridays. I miss those days. Enjoy your movie.

Anonymous said...

Grandma J didn't anybody tell you that they closed Starbucks. Yes the most profitable Starbucks is closed and all govt. workers are having caffine denial.

Grandma J said...

CM, I can't believe it! That Starbucks was packed from 6 am until 4 pm (because it was closed at night).
Some regulars got free stuff all the time, so I guess that makes for a not so profitable Starbucks. The paying customers were parolees in the 'hood to see their parole office, jurors, and older and not so cute people....they retired. I can only imagine the frayed nerves going on around there.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true Starbucks is closed. I had not been there for a while but the guys said that the last few weeks that it was open all the employees looked like they were going to cry. :(

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that in the bathroom picture, the man is climbing the wall to peep on the girl. Too funny. You are making me want to go to a movie! I don't know about this Jewish Rye business though.

Jason said...

This movie looked so off the wall from the previews, but I do love Cameron and Ashton. I'm glad you liked it! I will put it on my list of movies I would like to see some time if I ever go to the movies more than once every six months.