Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have to confess something. I have never seen any of the Indian Jones movies before, and I probably wouldn't have seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, if there wasn't the promise of a free "surprise". This was also the grand second day opening of our sixteen screen Cinemark Theatre.

You can tell by the crowd in the parking lot that Grandma J arrived at the crack of dawn early so she could be one of the first 100 people and get a surprise.

Inside there were several people waiting to buy tickets. Doing the simple math in my head, I knew I was one of the first hundred. After I purchased my ticket for $6.50, because they only have a senior discount on Mondays, I wandered over to buy a double scoop of butter pecan ice cream.

I don't know why, but I always feel compelled to ask for hot fudge get a double scoop.

I must say, Veronica was right, Cinemark has the best seats in town because guess what? They recline a bit, and I swear there is memory foam in the seats. The arms don't rise up, which is a negative in my anyone asked.

Now, I mentioned that I've never seen an Indian Jones movie before. I don't think I will see another one any time soon. The special effects where great, and Harrison Ford is a good looking talented actor but it was very unrealistic in the fact that no matter what, Indiana Jones' hat never fell off. Not even going over waterfalls the likes of Niagra Falls. Speaking of which, five people in a topless military vehicle circa 1950, go over three huge water falls and no one falls out, and the vehicle always lands upright in the water. PUH LEEZ!

Take a look at the stuff in my "surpise bag". Jealous, aren't you? The plus for anyone in SoCA, there is a new interactive feature at Disneyland with Indiana Jones. I was one of the first to partake, even if I am in Texas.


foolery said...

I get all antsy at action-adventure movies. My idea of adventure is going down an unfamiliar aisle at the grocery store. My idea of action could conceivably involve Harrison Ford . . . but he wouldn't be wearing a hat.

Or maybe he would?

Anonymous said...

I can just see you asking the ice cream lady if you can take her picture so you can put it on your blog! You're hilarious.

I have to work on Memorial Day and that's not an option on your survey. Cancer never sleeps! But hopefully I will get some BBQ and I will definitely put out the flag my roommate's dad bought us!

Veronica said...

Im glad you had fun grandma j

Jason said...

Wow. You're hardcore.

When I grow up and I want to go to the movies once week, too. Every week.

madame x said...

What?! you had never seen an Indian Jones movie? back in 1981 madame x and her 11 yr old son... PAID! to see Raiders of the Lost Ark 3 (count 'em) times.

the first time... Madame x started laughing soooo hard when one of his students wrote "i love you" on her eyelids....that the 11 yr old moved to another seat three rows away.

the next 2 times she 'got a grip'

love the photo of the pissed off folks... I may have to make you a 'best roving reporter' award

Gaining Some LB's said...

I am so jealous...
you got a dry eraser board as a gift? You go girl!!!

Cherish your gifts. I love the photos!!!!LOL