Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I like commercials. Not all commercials, but the ones that go over the top to get your attention with catchy phrases or visual images that become timeless, and when you hear them or see them you automatically know the product.

For instance "You're In Good Hands" - Allstate; "Can you hear me now?" - Verison; "It's finger lickn good" - KFC. Visuals would be things like the Energizer Bunny beating his drum, or the Purina cat doing the cha-cha. One that I thought was timeless; "Please don't squeeze the Charmn'". I know Mr. Whipple died, may he rest in peace, but the catchy phrase stuck around didn't it?

Yesterday a Charmn' commercial, one that I've seen often, but never really paid much attention to, had a phrase that struck me funny.

Funny as in, Who came up with that phrase? The phrase I'm speaking of is, "It doesn't leave pieces." The animated commercial shows an adult bear noticing "pieces" of toilet paper on a cubs bum, and scrubs them off with a push broom.
Now I like Charmn' toilet paper, it's soft and feels like it's bathed in lotion. I don't mind paying more either because I live alone, and don't have a house full of people who need half a roll a day to stay "fresh". I did some checking to see just how far Proctor and Gamble would go to promote a product. How about their own friggin honest, don't you think this "visual" of the two bears squirming to keep from wetting themselves cute?

Or, how about this? Instead of a family picture on your Merry Christmas Card, you can have a Charmn' Christmas picture on your cards.

Oh, and finally, for those of you who are super-saver shoppers, here's a little something for you.


Karen said...

Who knew? I use cheap stuff and I don't think it leaves pieces...maybe I'd better switch. I'm clipping that coupon, my market doubles them.

Anonymous said...

Gross! It doesn't leave peices!!! That's nasty!

foolery said...

Who is the lucky bum who gets to test THAT theory?

Oh, you killed me this morning with your comment, Grandma J -- the one about the arms like battleships? Ha ha ha ha, I SO get what you mean! I think I would look like a balloon in a corset in that little number. And it does nothing to address the Boob Muffins! Thanks, you made my morning. :)

madame x said...

Charmin the first to come out with the 9 roll pack of 2 ply!

Madame x never saw her Mom so happy

Jason said...

Pieces? That is the sickest thing that I never thought I'd hear on a commercial. But, true. Giancarlo and I have actually had fights over.....pieces. That's why the only toilet paper I'm allowed to buy is Von's brand. It leaves, no pieces.

Jason said...

By the way, Grandma J, I sure like you.

heartshapedhedges said...


and Jason, LOL, now Im stuck imagining PIECES!

never had an issue with pieces...running out because my kids use too much, or because not enough is on the roll, or having to call out for someone to bring me more TP, or my kids not wiping good enough, all of those issues going on, but PIECES????