Monday, May 19, 2008

or day one

because really? That's it in a nutshell. A very big nut shell. I was very excited to finally meet Cortney and see Briana again as well as meeting her family.

When I arrived at Creekside Gathering, Briana was looking out for me to pull up. Her parents where there too, and it was nice seeing them again! Just a side note...not only does Briana run marathons, along with century bike rides and triathlons, but her MOM runs marathons! These are my kind of people because, and this might come as a shock to some people, but I walk .46 miles every night. It's something I don't like to brag about.

Cortney and her good friend Amy are big time organizers for this particular casual worship service, and boy can we say inspirational, upbeat, fun service with a message....and great music.

I sat between my two blogger friends which did nothing to make me look young like them...can't you tell?

Three more favorite people that I finally got to meet where Briana's husband Joel, who we didn't get a picture of...what happened? Her (recently confirmed and heading to Italy) daughter Madison, and her adorable super soccer player son Dalton.

After the service I met Pastor Terry. He was nice enough to let us take some pictures because no one told him where they would end up.

Cortney and Briana, along with Briana's family took me out to a fabulous Mexican restaurant. I immediately said "dibs" to sit next to Dalton, and across from Madison.....because we have so much in common with stuff like the wii, and Guitar Hero III. I also had to remind Madison to throw some coins in the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

Needless to say, I am very thankful that my friends from Pflugerville/Austin gave me such a huge, warm reception. That's one thing about Texans...everything is done up big! Thank you!

*Please note, this Major Road Trip in no way resembled or cost as much, or took as long as any Excellent Road Trips. Full disclosure is noted.


v said...

awww im glad you had a great time grandma j

foolery said...

Reading your very funny and youthful posts I have guessed that you are actually 36, which is old enough to be a grandma, and still a lot younger than me.

Do I win?


Grandma J said...

Gee foolery, don't I wish. FYI, without giving away any specifics, two of my four kids are over 40. I qualify for a SS check but I'm waiting because I want a bigger piece of the pie. I'm one greedy woman!

Grandma J said...
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Grandma J said...

ok, I deleted my own duplicate post. I did't delete anyone elses.

Jason said...

I'm still stuck on the .46 miles per day.