Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When I woke up this morning, reality was hovering over me like....well, reality! I had been living a whirlwind, fairytale life for the last several weeks. Events swirled around me like the tornado that almost came close to my home.

Then there was Mother's Day when I was showered with gifts like "Forget-me-not" pajamas from Pooper, Beauty, and Little One, great book from my daughter in Colorado, Starbucks coffee, travel mug, brunch and a movie from my daughter and her family here in Texas, several theatre tickets from JJ and these from my son and his family.

Which shout, "Hello, it's time to say adios."

Then of course there was the time I spent offering support and tweezers comfort to these women, which, by the way, is ongoing. There were endless hours planning and organizing my Major Road Trip to see Cortney and Briana, leading up to the Major Road Trip Finale

So, with the air temporarily sucked out of my balloon, it's back to the daily nitty gritty of sleeping in and watching The View. Yesterday, I drove 56 miles round trip to the closest fabric store to me. And I bought this material to make two more soft furry blankies for the kids in the Pediatric Oncology ward.

My nose is to the grindstone, which must really hurt, to get these done this week. After that I'm free to start planning my next junket to Las Vegas, BABY!! And I may need your help.


madame x said...

Grandma J! you are the best and I bet the oncology ward loves you!

I couldn't take your poll, 'cause you didn't offer 3 card poker (baby!)

but thank you for not offering Pai Gow.

heartshapedhedges said...

My kids love their special blankets.

I know the kids in the hospital will love them too. When Andrew spent time inpatient, a colorful blanket went a long way to add some comfort to a sterile room.

Karen said...

How cute is that kitty material. I'm sure some child will love it.
As for the flowers, its really time to dump them and keep the vase. Nice gifts you got.

v said...

1. I bet the flowers were beautiful....I too love the vase.

2. Cute blankets, I bet they willl brighten some kids day.

3. Good Luck in Vegas. I think you should play blackjack.


foolery said...

What a nice thing you do! My grandmother used to love to knit and crochet, and when she didn't have a project she knitted ponchos (she called them Bed jackets, I think) for the senior center or care homes. I always thought that was a very giving thing to do.

I'm sure your gifts go a long way toward making those children more comfie. Kudos.

CGS said...

My cousin had leukemia and was in a hospital for a long time. I know he appreciated the homemade things people took the time to make for him and the other kids while he was there.

Jason said...

Sleeping in and watching The View, I like. Driving 56 miles to th nearest fabric store, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I've been a bad blog commenter since I started using the Blog Reader. I'm back and in full force!