Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We Call Her BEAUTY

It's been her nickname since the day she was born. It's not hard to see why the name stuck. We share our skin care secrets, and believe me she has secrets she has never shared listens to every skin care hint I give her. She's my granddaughter, and she's five years old....but she was four in this picture at one of our Spa Sleepovers.

So, now you have a pretty good idea about how sweet this little angel that I lovingly call Beauty is. We love to smother ourselves in luxury....and the one thing we love after our bath is powder....bath powder...body powder, heck, even baby powder. Anyway, we certainly know how to live high when we have sleepovers.

Remember me telling you about my other granddaughter and how we would lay in bed chatting? Well, Beauty and I would do that too. This particular night, after our bath and facials, we cuddled and chatted before going to sleep.

Beauty, just like my other granddaughter loved to run her hand over my cheeks, but she also had this weird habit of running her finger down my nose and across my upper lip. As she was rubbing my cheek, we had the following conversation:

Beauty: Grandma, your furry.

Me: You mean I'm fuzzy, right?

Beauty: No, you're not fuzzy, you are really furry!

Me: laughs with delight.....

Beauty: Grandma! Don't smile so big, my fingers will get stuck in the cracks.


Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie!

The Running Girl said...

You gotta love the things kids say!

heartshapedhedges said...

Yes, she is Beauty! Her real (nick) name, is Beauty Bundles....because, not only was she a beauty, but she lived her first year all rolled up in the fetal position, and only wanted to cuddle (rarely crawled around). Sometimes we call her Beauty, sometimes Bundles, sometimes Beauty Bundles.

Her little rub-the-area-between-your-lip-and-nose-with-her-fore-finger-as-she-sucks-her-thumb is a bit annoying to me, as it tickles...and it's usually being done when we are cuddling (aka mom trying to sleep)...but it's a small price to pay for the delight of having Beauty in our lives.

Karen said...

I can see how face cracks would be scarey to someone with such perfectly smooth skin. And the curls!

Jason said...

Hilarious! I love the things kids this age say. And yes, she is certainly a beauty.

I just made a connection! You are heartshapedhedges' mom? Aha!

heartshapedhedges said...

I dont see any stars Grandma J....

yes Jason, Grandma J is my kids' mom :)