Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This morning I was prepared to tell you all about my beauty secrets. My morning routine of facial cleansing, massages and stimulation. What special, secret ingredients I use like purried earthworms with a hint of milk thistle when preparing my herbal mask. But, unfortunately, that post will have to be shelved for now.

Today, I actually have my very first "ASK GRANDMA J" question! At first I just stared at it and said to myself holy crap, now what? "ok, this is the moment you have been living for". I thought I would put the actual inquiry right here on my blog, and then answer it. I am so like new at this, so please just be their for me, this may not be easy.

"How can we ask Grandma J a question...any question...on her blog? And of course you are right, you can't badger a smoker into quitting. It's like taking Cialis: when the time is right, you're ready (so I'm told).
Love, OOXXXXXOO, Harvey"

So there you have it, my first question. From one of the few men who read my blog. Of course Harvey never comments on my blog, he is shy and would rather whisper his question in my ear.....my virtual ear. Now I'll do my best to answer Harvey's question because that's what ASK GRANDMA J loosely means in anything but plain English.

Harvey, thank you for your question. Now what exactly did you want to know? It looks like you basically answered your own question, because here it is! More importantly Harvey, I have a question for you. How is knowing when to quit smoking similar to knowing when to use this?

Inquiring minds need an answer Harvey. You can post it in the comment section. And hey....don't be so shy!!

Whew! That was easy!


v said...

Hmmm Grandma J....no comment, i just dont know what to say

Karen said...

Gee, I wonder what Harvey's real question is. That seems more like a hypothetical comment. Quite a correlation for sure.
Are those real kleenex?

heartshapedhedges said...

and here is your next question...(wow, you are on a roll!)....

What is Cialis?