Monday, June 30, 2008


After seeing the adorable pitiful, rusty robot poster, tugging at my bleeding heartstrings, I decided to see Wall-E.

Our movie theatre was packed with mostly young children with their parents. About 20 minutes into the film most of the kids were up running around and not paying any attention to the movie.

I believe Pixar messed up when they cast the 2 main roles with NO DIALOGUE! The effects were really cool though, but it didn’t appear to keep small children entertained. I was bored at the end of the movie and just wanted it to end, and I’ve loved all the Pixar movies in the past, IE Finding Nemo, Cars, Monster Inc.

One thing that really bothers me, is the way these family movies are turned into "green" issues, portraying corporate America as a demon, destroying our world. I really wish they would express this in a different forum. I know Happy Feet went down the same road, and the message is lost on their core audience…young children.

The funniest thing about the movie was the 5 minute preshow short subject. I’d say this experience was night and day compared to KUNG FU PANDA, its WAY more entertaining.

So this was a mix for me...out of five stars, I give Wall-E:


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Will really wants to see WallE so I'm stuck with having to take him. It sounds like he will be board with it. Oh well at lease I know that he will not get up and run around as that is not acceptable behavior at the theater.
Carol Z from the OC

Rebeckah said...

We saw it on Friday night. Kaishon really liked it. He is 8 though. I saw tons of little kids getting bored just like you did.

CGS said...

This is off the topic, but I saw something yesterday at our Target that made me think of you.

There was an older woman, grandmotherly type, and she was wearing a shirt that said "I'm a sure thing." Not that I'm calling you a hussy or anything. You just seem brazen and confident enough of yourself to wear something like that. =)

Grandma J said...

How funny, cgs! I shop at Target all the time. The difference is, I don't ever wear stuff with sayings. I may "think it" but I never wear it. :)

Anonymous said...

My husband and stepson saw it yesterday..but that "throwing GREEN" down my throat would have left me w/ a bad taste in my mouth..

heartshapedhedges said...

My Honey took all 3 kids to see it, ages 7, 5 and 1.5. He said they all sat and watched it...even liked it, but he mentioned the "green" message.....YUCK.

I took Pooper to see Kung Fu Panda, and we both thought it was pretty funny.

Kristin said...

I loved Wall-E... so did my kids... my boys (10 & 11) are so P.C. that the recycle undertone really resonated with them... also I did like the not so subtle message about how too much time is spent couch potato-ing!

catscratch diva said...

I'd like to see it, just to say I've seen it, but my kids are grown and I'll just have to wait for DVD. That way if I fall asleep it won't matter.

Karen said...

I took my 5 year old nephew and his buddy last night. They liked the robot aspect but wanted them to talk..sorry not in this picture!

I was also taken back by the propagandizing of another family movie.

Katrine said...

Thanks for the review. My son was asking me to take him to see it today.