Tuesday, July 1, 2008

...please come again when you can stay longer and leave a comment. I may even feed you...if you want.

Today my sitemeter told me that over 15,000 people have visited Grandma J’s site. I can’t even imagine, because no one read me the riot act or left a mess behind. I only had to delete three comments, and two of the three were spam.

Now, I hate to admit this to you, but honestly? A good amount of those “visitors” weren’t coming to see me. No, in fact even when they got here, they didn’t even take the time to look around or say Hi, or Bye. They came here via Google. I took quite a bit of time today to see exactly what they were Googling.

Here are my most frequent visitors in order of frequency, but not necessarily in order of importance as you will see.

1. ShamWow....in many different forms, just Sham, or Vince of ShamWow, or Sham Rags, Sham Cloths, and
this is what they got. With pictures and unlike Vince, I gave my unbiased review.

2. Unibrow....or Unibrow Lady. I kid you not! And this is what they got.

3. Love Your Colon....(in various forms). And this is what they got.

4. Now, this was actually the number two all time visitor Google search. I lied to you. But I saved it for last because it is such a hoot, that you may leave me for “her” and never come back. And that, dear readers would break Grandma J’s heart…for real. But I have faith in all of you, and I want to share this site with you. I was curious because my sitemeter has all the searches for this site coming from Poland, but it’s in English with no accent, and sure does seem American to me.

It's a search for
Grandma Joy.


Holy Crappers said...

I's got to get me that sitmeter. Love to see the traffic we get from google with the name HOLY CRAPPERS


heartshapedhedges said...

I think I am going to start writing about Sham Wow....15,000 visitors??

I get a few stragglers that look up "peeing outside" , and that's about it.

BTW, that video, it's like I was transported into the future, and saw you and Beauty, circa 2023.

Grandma J said...

HSH, Isn't that video a hoot? Grandma Joy and her granddaughter have several YouTubes. The key to searches is using tags. Although, the majority of my hits aren't from Google, I wanted to see what people were searching for when they did use Google...they also Google me, but that's obvious.

Grandma J said...

#1, Oh yeah, I can just imagine the searches that end up on your site!! I heard that Poop is the #1 searched item.

Rebeckah said...

This is so interesting. It reminds me that I needed to ask you about an infomercial for a flower bed that you just roll out. Kaishon has seen it several times now and he is VERY eager to purchase it. I told him today I would have to ask you. : ). I told him your name, Grandma J, and he said you must be cool because all Grandma's are.

heartshapedhedges said...

OMG Rebeckah, when we were little, Grandma J got us those roll out flower beds, and we grew veggies...remember Grandma J??

Grandma J said...

Yes, I remember the veggies especially! Radishes the size of grapes.
I gave Kaishon the link to the infomercial, but here it is again.


gaining some lb's said...

LOL I love the unibrow and colon one!


The Running Girl said...

I think it's fun to see where visitors come from, but I've never checked to see HOW they got there. I guess I should start using the tags.

And just for the record, I'm hoping Deanna picks Jason, but most people think it will be Jesse.

heartshapedhedges said...

This is the strangest Bachelor ever.

First, I find Deanna to be rather masculine and....odd....remember how the last Bachelor talked robotic and was sort of akward....I think she is the same way. She talks like a recording sometimes.

I dont understand why she didnt pick Jeremy or (forgetting the other guy that she booted's name)....they seemed a better match for her.

I like Jason, but think she is not warm and fuzzy enough to take on his son.

I think the snowboarder is a complete mismatch for her, but am guessing that is who she will pick, I dont know why she kept him this long, I just dont see their chemistry.

So...odd season of the bachelorette IMO.

Anonymous said...

I come to your site alot, but mostly it is to use your links to other sites. LOL
Any ways hope to see you soon.
Carol Z. in the O.C.

Grandma J said...

HSH and Briana, I like Jesse, for me anyway, he is cute and fun. I also like the fact that he turned down the invitation to spend the night in the dream suite (or whatever it's called). He said he wouldn't do that until he had her father's permission to marry her. Goofy but classy.

And Carol Z? Sure, just use me! See you in Sept (if you don't come to San Antonio).

Anonymous said...

Grandma Joy is very small..or her granddaughter is very tall..and the song was catchy and it will be stuck in my head.

CGS said...

Coop and I just watched the Grandma Joy video. He clapped when it was over. I'll make sure you're still his favorite though. =)

Jason said...

I know, so many visitors, but so few actually count. That's what I've found in my experience.