Wednesday, July 2, 2008


or as my oldest granddaughter said, "Grandma, you scare me"

So today I was up at the crack of dawn, heading 30 miles up the road to Temple Texas...which is half way to lovely Whacko Waco Texas. I had the first appointment of the day for a consultation with a sleep specialist. Can you imagine? Specializing in sleep? I wonder what jobs like that pay because hello? I specialize in eating.

After filling out the multi-page medical history stuff, that I strongly objected to since they can get that from any number of departments within their organization. It seems redundant to me when they can make copies so everyone knows when I had hemorrhoid surgery my tonsils out.

It was determined that I should undergo a sleep study. Report at seven in the evening, after dinner, because they don't feed you, get wired, then try to sleep all night while being monitored. I hate the idea of people watching me sleep and snore, if in fact I really do, on a 42 inch Sony HDTV. I return in August for this event.

On my drive home, I have a few landmarks that I use to determine whether or not I'm making good time. Does anyone else do that? Like when you pass Jack-in-the-Box, do you look to see if it took you twelve minutes like last time? No? I try to reach this same landmark at the 20 minute point.
It's the water tower that beckons drivers to Dog Ridge, TX. Some day I will get off the highway and drive around because I'm really curious about what is there.

Then I stop at this place to pick up some groceries. Other than this place, the only other option is Wally World.
My grandkids told me H.E.B. stands for Her Enormous Butt. I wonder.

I made it home in time to go for a quick swim then go out to lunch with a the newly opened Golden Corral. Oh yum. Can life get any more exciting?


Caroline said...

Stumbled across your site today. We call my Mom "Gramma J" (J for Josie). I am hooked on your site now and the HEB comment is priceless!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I think HIS Enormous Butt is better :)

You will have to let us knwo how Dog Ridge is...Dog River is in Canada.

heartshapedhedges said...

I had sleep tests done (seizures from that accident with the big rig)...

How is this for not-the-most-condusive-sleeping-environment.....

Mid-day, they spend a great deal of time putting gel and probes on my head, and then they have me lay ON A DOCTORS TABLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM, THE KIND WITH THE PAPER ON IT...not even against a wall or anything, so that I could at least have some assurance of not falling off.....and then wanted me to HURRY and go to sleep. UMMMMM. I had to repeat that test 3 times, btw.

I also use markers for time, especially when I was in the work force, and was trying to make a certain time to get to my place of employment.

When I first heard of HEB, I thought they were saying, "HIV"...not thanks, I dont want that!

Rebeckah said...

No, life can NOT get any more exciting than that : ). I can't wait to learn how your sleep test goes. Have a HAPPY Thursday!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid we went to Texas every July and all they had was H.E.B. It was a big deal when they got an Albertsons in town.

Carol Z in the OC

Katrine said...

Grandma J - I didn't know you were in Texas! I feel like we're kindred spirits!

CGS said...

We don't have HEBs in VA. I really miss them. I always stock up on fresh tortillas and Hill County Fair Four Berry Jam when I'm in TX to take back with me. =)

Grandma J said...

To cgs, I like HEB better than Wally World. Their meat is better quality, and fresh.
The one thing I can't find in Texas is Boysenberry jam or pie or anything!! No one's ever heard of it. I will have to get some when I'm in CA. fresh tortillas are never a problem in CA.

Pumpkin Delight said...

My dad had a sleep test years ago and it helped his snoring greatly. I don't know though, I don't sleep real well unless the it's dark, quiet, and oh, ya, people aren't watching me. I'd be a nervous wreck. Good luck with that!
Happy 4th!