Monday, June 9, 2008

..purposely postponed until today


Oh dear, where do I start with this one....I can't believe I just saw an Adam Sandler movie that was a total flop. It had some funny humor, but the story Israeli Commando, wanting to change directions, come to New York to be a hairdresser, lame, poorly done. The bizarre nudity, focus on over-stuffed crotch, and fake Middle Eastern accent gets a bit redundant. I can see where the spoof on the Israeli-Palistinian conflict could be offensive to some. I was in a theatre with maybe 30-40 people. I saw two couples leave. Also, I don't understand the obsession with a constant dip, and even used to put out a fire. If anyone's seen the movie, please clue me in.

Despite excruciating pain in my right, upper extremity hand, more specifically, my pinky and surrounding area, I am keeping my commitment to you and and my other faithful readers, to trot on down to my new Cinemark theatre to see a Friday Matinee.

I will forgo any tasty buttery popcorn and have me some Milk Duds at Karen B's suggestion. So, what that means is, I listen to you....all of you.

and can anyone but Grandma J do a 500 word post using only two sentences with 45 comas?


Anonymous said...

That looks so horrible. Have to hear how it was! Bunch-a-crunch are the best movie theater snack! FYI!

The Running Girl said...

Just getting caught up after the weekend. Sorry to hear about your flight troubles for your cruise. Yikes!!! Hope you can get things worked out. For our upcoming cruise, we are flying in the day before and flying home the day after, both on direct flights (which I know you can't get out of your little airport). All this just to be safe and make sure we and the luggage get where we are suppose to go. Going to Tahoe last week, we changed gates and then had two delays in Dallas before finally getting on the plane. What a mess.

Hope your hand is healing.

heartshapedhedges said...

I had Junior Mints for the show....there they go!

Remember THAT commercial?

Zohan looks funny....cant wait to read your review.

Anonymous said...

What did you do to your pinky, did you trip over JJ?
Sorry to hear about that airline thing, with the way the airlines work now a days it might just be faster and cheaper just to buy a new ticket. (I hope I'm just kidding) When I booked my flight to Texas all the warnings had me so freaked out, I keeped checking the spelling of my name over and over again. LOL. hope it all works out.
Carol Z.
P.S. We saw Indiana Jones yesterday, and we all liked it. William said that it was scary but that he wasn't scared, I'm not sure what that means.

SomePeopleCallMeMom said...

I just wanted to say:

I really appreciate that you think of us, your faithful readers, and push on through the pain.

Hope the movie was good - can't wait to read your review. I'm pretty sure that I will see it no matter what (read: husband really wants to see it) but this way I'll know what I'm in for.

I do hope that your pain is getting better and you're getting your healing on.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Thanks for the heads up...I won't rent it! Summer is coming so I will be renting the chicks flix to watch in the day :)