Friday, June 27, 2008


Because, when Grandma J steps into the world of gambling, corruption and brothels, she shares it all with her
peeps! As my oldest daughter alerted you to on my last post, my flight out of the local regional airport, who's slogan is "We'll Take You There" was canceled, as were all flights to Houston, where I was supposed to connect to Vegas. The weather was fine, so why were all flights cancelled? Let me tell's because it's the same friggin plane that travels to and from this local regional airport and Houston all day, and the next day. And because this condition is permanent and terminal (as in airport terminal), Grandma J wasn't happy with rescheduling for the next possible flight...the next day! So she walked all the way over to the only other airlines and got booked on their next flight which connects out of Dallas to Vegas.

Because this other airline is located about ten feet away, they arranged the change with the original airlines electronically. So, off we go, and because of the changes, Grandma J arrived in Las Vegas five hours late, but at least it was the same day.

I met
Tabatha's Mommy, Marianne, who is also my son-in-law, Sgt. John's Mommy too...and my friend.
We stayed at the Four Queens downtown....

which isn't ritzy like The Strip with all the panhandlers and prostitutes. It's where the whole Vegas thing started way back when. It's also where the fabulous Fremont Experience is. Several years ago Fremont street was closed off for two blocks of hotels, that were renovated and covered to create a plaza with kiosks and a great laser show several times a night with great music.
Our room was on the fifth floor, and this is the view. This is what the covered Fremont Plaza looks like during the day from the street level.

These next pictures are from our room for the light show...which moves too fast for Grandma J's cheap camera.

And lookie who Grandma J found in the casino?
We had a blast, meeting old friends.
And getting chummy with people with familiar names, like John Wayne.
And maybe inhaling too much laughing gas...or developing a food allergy or something that might affect our small motor skills....just saying.

But two days later, the fun came to an end... or did it?

The final chapter of this junket is still raw and painful. Spending 22 hours to get home, with eight of them hanging with my new roomie was not the icing on the cake, just saying! The icing, if you want to call it that, was the fact that out of the zillions of others who attended our sleepover in the Houston airport, my new roomie and I were the ones who found the only four comfy chairs to make matching beds.


Karen said...

Well finally! Welcome back to the real world. I figured you won millions and decided to stay...FOREVER! Sorry about the sleepover in the terminal. Sounds like travel is becoming a major pain for everyone. My father, who is not very young to say the least, got hit by one of those golf cart like things that zoom through the airport bringing people to their gate. I don't know how you get to ride one of those because no one offered my father a ride as he ran to catch his plane. The "witnesses" who were also passengers on the vehicle that hit him, weren't handicapped, but the good thing is, they stated that maybe the driver was going too fast, and instead of honking at my dad, could have applied the brakes.

heartshapedhedges said...

OMG Karen, I hope your dad is ok.

Grandma J, um, at some point, it's gonna be that taking 32 hours to travel for a mere weekend, might be not worth it. maybe.

Couldnt you drive?

In S. CA, we can drive many places, like Vegas in a fraction of your travel time. So, not sure how much your "saving" in retirement land, just saying.

Anyhoo....glad you made it back.

CGS said...

Glad you made it back safely! Too bad you didn't find a rich sugar daddy with his own private jet. Then you wouldn't have to ever have any travel woes again. =)

Rebeckah said...

Your trip sounds like SO much fun : ). I hoped it was wonderful. Loved your view from your hotel! Love, Love, LOVE your black boots.

Anonymous said...

That light show is awesome! I saw it there in 2005, but it was a different one. We stayed at the NY NY but loved downtown.
Tell me you didn't really sleep in the airport. I thought those were homeless people sleeping on the floors and such. Next time I will keep an eye open for you!

gaining some lb's said...

I am glad you had fun! Well not in the airport...or did you?

Welcome back!


Jason said...

So much fun. Except for that last part.