Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday update...

Fellow fans, please note the changes in the poll on the right. I had to make it a new poll, because it can't be edited....I can't carry Renny's votes for eviction over, so if you voted for Renny, and still feel disgustfor her, then cast a vote to evict her AGAIN. If you would like to see the weasel Brian evicted, then cast your vote ASAP.

Tomorrow is eviction night, and the HOH competition! Also, I would like to congratulate Jessie for winning the POV and using it to take himself off the block.

A few observations from watching BADD:

1. Angie crys at the drop of a hat...very dramatic like Amber, BB8.
2. Brian is very controlling...a Dr. Will wannabe, but too dumb.
3. I detect a real showmance between Ollie and April.


heartshapedhedges said...

Missed the show, but BTW....did you notice the picture of Renny looks like it was taken 25 years ago??

That's not her today.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watch the last couple late nights..just TOO late. Then next week I'll be in South Carolina..without a computer :-( It will take a while for me to get caught up.
I really like Brian but he was being WAY too cocky and opening his mouth way too much to too many people.
I hope Brian being a dork doesn't ruin things for Dan..I like him too.
Ollie and April make a cute couple. I still don't believe her boobs are real.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Hmmm, I voted that I think Brian will be voted off, but that's not who I want voted off. That Renny is a little annoying and I think it will make for an interesting show if Brian stays, plus he's cute. I don't like that Jesse much at all.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth about Angie! She takes everything the wrong way, and the other girls spend way too much time trying to console her.
Way too many smokers this year. Of course it's fun watching them when they start running out of cigarettes. Do you remember when Jen destroyed Dick's cigarettes in BB8?