Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...how many of you have tried one of these...are any of them worth it?

Some of you know that I get excited about As Seen On TV products. But I have the crappiest luck with them. For instance I really thought the
ShamWow would be a safe bet, with Vince the pitchman telling me "ShamWow, you'll say 'WOW' every time". Yeah well as you all know, he lied to me...

Then my good friend
Pumpkin Delight bought the Green Bags from Debbie Meyer. She did an experiment with bananas and documented it on-line with pictures. The results where good! The Green Bags worked. Go check it out!

Now, I have a renewed sense of trust in the products I see on TV. One item that really interests me is the Tater Mitt.
But I want to make sure I don't throw my money away on junk. I went on the internet to learn more about them and this is what I found. The ones on TV are $19.99, but....
These are from Fits My Budget for much less....
And you can get them at my favorite shopping mall in Central Texas for the same price.
Then I found these gems! Could they be the same thing? Maybe just a different color? By the way, these are all over EBay for $7.99.

Or these fancy shmancy ones for sure, because they actually say "potato"...and they can be cleaned in the washing machine or DISHWASHER!

Now, I'm asking my friends out there in blogger world.....do you have these? Which ones? Do they work?

Of course, when you Google Potato Mitts, you also get this!

Mr. Potato Head's glove!


Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say to that post. Anyway just stopping by to use your link to HSH.
Bye Bye
Carol Z.

Grandma J said...

Carol, I'm gonna start charging you a toll to pass through here to HSH's blog!
Besides, she doesn't have a Papa John's Widget. :)

heartshapedhedges said...

Thank You Carol. I think we both "get" Grandma J, and recognize the "old timers" is setting in, or at least the need for totally worthless scams from TV.

Grandma J....did you know I scrub my potatos with THE GREEN PART OF THE SPONGE and it works just fine? If I want to peel them, I use the....wait for it.....wait for it......PEELER!

Stop wasting your money on this junk. Save up, and you might just get to go on an extra excursion in Alaska....or take your abandoned grandkids to IHOP, or something.... Im beginning to wonder if Grandma R didnt pass on the "must be stuff from TV" gene to her offspring.

Lori said...

I would not buy anything from Billy Mays, even it is made me shit money! That guy just pisses me off!!

CGS said...

We were watching tv one night and the shamwow came on. My husband thought they looked good, but I told him Grandma J gave it two thumbs down.

I haven't bought any of the potato scrubbers. My mom (your new BFF) got me something that's shaped like half a potato and has bristles on the flat side. All I know is, I don't think I would buy one of those used on Amazon. There must be a reason they're being sold used there.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK, I sincerely apologize if my comment flings your wonderful blog into the R-rating category, BUT due to my haste in scanning things and my POSSIBLE dyslexia, combined with my adult-onset ADD, I read the name of those gloves as: Mater Titts.

Please forgive me.

Rebeckah said...

I haven't seen this infomercial. I am sure Kaish hasn't either, because if he had, you know he would be BEGGING for them : ). I think they look kind of cool. I might be wierd though!

Jason said...

I have never heard of these, but I guess your daughter told YOU!

Grandma J said...

To clarify, these Tater Mitts/Gloves don't just clean potatos, they peel them...and according to the infomercial they will peel a potato in 8 seconds!

sista #2 said...

My daughter could sit an watch those commericals all day. She buys crap all the time then tells me none of it works.

I have to admit....when we went on vacation...i purchased the packing bags where you stick the vacuum hose in and suck the air out after its fully stuffed.

one exploded ...clothes were everywhere ..LOL


Grandma J said...

CBW, you BogHussy you!

Jason, fyi, in this instance I'm not the Tree this Apple fell from...

Rebeckah, Kaishon would love this commercial...he might even be willing to scrub the skin off of your potatos.

Sista, I can just visualize the explosion! OMG thats hysterical

Anonymous said...

You live alone, you only need one potato at a time just wash it and use the peeler in your drawer. There I just saved you $$$ to use on your trip.

Carol Z.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I have not seen this ad yet. I hope the boyfriend doesn't either. He sees these and is on the phone with card in hand. He last bought not one but two freaking knife sets. He says I buy anything but HELLO, I'm not the one spending his hard earned $ on crap.

Anonymous said...

late i know...but yes, i bought these...no they do not work!