Monday, July 14, 2008


This movie was fantastic! I was surprised at how many people were in the theatre at 1:30 on a Monday afternoon. There were more adults than children, another surprise.
Abigail Breslin is magnificent as Kit, and her command of the other characters was very entertaining. There was just enough heart-tugging, to almost make me cry...just enough humor to make you laugh, and just enough mystery and suspense to hold your interest. Even though I knew the movie would have a happy ending, I started to wonder how that was going to happen, and was pleasantly pleased. So,
readers, if you are looking for something light and entertaining, give it a whirl!

because that' what I promised you


....I'm off and running, come back later because I really want to tell you how great it was....for me!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK. What does it mean when you (meaning me) know more about a retired person's compound(yours) than the movies her own daughter should be seeing but isn't, because mother is clueless due to constant internet addiction?

Please don't answer that question.

Grandma J said...

CBW, This is your lucky day. I probably know less about my own compound than I know about your daughters taste in movies.....or maybe that's burgers.

See? I couldn't have answered your question even if I tried.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Can't wait to hear more. Thinking about taking kids.

Caroline said...

Thanks for the review! I have been wanting to take the kids, but I was scared that I would be bored to death! I do like my "R" movies :)

heartshapedhedges said...

Didnt you just love it???

I think this is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Really great on many levels. I think it is a movie that any age would and women, and children alike.

Honestly, every child should see this movie, there are great lessons, and even though it is set in a different era, so much is relevant today.

BTW, did you see Pooper's commercial? It was on in our theater when we saw this movie...and you can see him when it shows on the big screen.

Anonymous said...

I will nerver get my guys to this movie, oh well there is always netflix in a few months.

Carol Z.

Grandma J said...

Carol, Will would LOVE this movie! There are lots of boys and hobos and a tree house, and a dog named grace, and a monkey! Beyond Kit's driving desire to be a journalist, I think the boys are more entertaining.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

It will be a Monday get one free rental here just for me when it comes out....I am outnumbered by men now!

Keeper Of All Things said...

I can't wait for more

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to say that my soon to be 9 year old step son wants to see this..I can't wait!