Sunday, July 27, 2008


Remember back on Friday I took my BFF JJ to the vets? And I took his siblings, who are also my grand kidlets, along for support? After taking JJ back home, we headed out to WalMart, because, let's face it...those kids are troopers. They could have stayed home playing wii, or watching Hannah Banana instead of going to the vets to hear JJ scream in pain getting the poop scooped out of him shots and stuff like that.

My grandson wanted a couple zipper binders, and his sister wanted a new digital camera nothing. They both wanted McD's and got it.

I wanted to look at laptops. Not that I could afford one, but the thought of going on my cruise, and then heading down to OC for three weeks without my little blogging fingers flying away left me in a cold sweat. It's either buy a laptop,
steal hers when she pulls into port, or cancel the whole trip.
It almost killed me to even ask a sales person for assistance because I'm a bit ticked at the folks at WallyWorld. Last Sunday afternoon I got an email from them saying they were advertising Toshiba Satellite laptops for $399, in store only. Additionally, the email said there were only ten per store, and the ad was for THAT DAY! The last time I saw a deal like that I had advance notice, and still wasn't fast enough to nab one.

So here we are, Friday after the Sunday and the sales associate asks me if I have any preferences. Yeah, I have to have internet! Oh, music would be nice too. She tells me they have a great deal for $399....a Toshiba 15.4 in. blah, blah, Vista, wireless something, DVD R/W+ and other regular stuff. According to the sales associate, this particular store got 100 laptops, and people assumed (like me) that they were gone. So just know, that if you are in the market for a new laptop this one is a steal. Check your local WallyWorld.

I buy it, yes I do! But hears the catch. I don't know a thing about laptops.

Here it is.

And what the heck is with the light show? I'm not sure when it's off, sleeping or hibernating....or what the difference is. My desk top is a Sony Viao, and I never turn it off....tornadoes be damned!

Am I missing something? I could probably read at least one of the three pamphlets that came with it. I'm getting brain freeze just thinking about this . I'm gonna have to purge the third grade. That means out with the multiplication tables, and California State history. Yeah, like we already know that Father Junipero Serra freed the swallows from Capistrano. And now, everyone shows up once a year to moon the Amtrak train watch the swallows come back. What the?

Tomorrow is nominations on Big Brother...stop back to take the poll for who will be the third houseguest evicted.

I will also give you a recap on my crazy Saturday.


Karen said...

Good luck with your laptop. You will love it. FYI I use a regular mouse with mine. I'm nerdy like that. :)

CGS said...

Cort has a laptop. SHe can probably help you when she gets back to her computer today.

On the frustrating wallyworld note, Coop and I went to WalMart yesterday at 6 am (cause we were long awake and it's way less crowded then.) I needed to buy some fabric, which of course, there was no one there. So a very nice man from automotive let me cut my fabric and he wrote it down on a piece of paper. Coop and I finished out shopping, then tried to check out. Apparently the paper trick didn't work. An hour and 45 minutes after we got there, we left. The sun was up and us in our pjs and crazy hair didn't seem quite appropriate. =) Meg

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I love my laptop but still don't know what the top row of buttons do. Did it come with instructions?
I just started messing around with it and figured things out as needed, except how to use it elsewhere besides within the confines of my home.

Grandma J said...

So Cooper and his mommy hang out in Wallyworld in there jammies! How cute!
My SIL is coming over to help me with my wireless connecting issues. I don't want to day for a service since I already pay for time warner. Also, getting used to some keys being in a different location like the delete key. I looked all over for that little bugger.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I hate it when I lose my thingies. It happens regularly.

You are truly funny and have succeeded in making me laugh on a morning I woke up grumpy.

Oh, and I am counting on you to figure all this out so I can go out and get the same one and you can train me. If that's possible.

Good luck finding those thingies!

The Midlife Gals said...

Gawd, we LOVE your blog! We're the Midlife Gals, and we ask you to check us out.

We are DEFINITELY members of the same tribe except that we forgot to have CHILDREN!

KK and SalGal

Rebeckah said...

New computers can be so confusing! I am so happy that you got that fantastic deal! I love a good deal. I am glad you can blog on your trip. I know you will have lots of hilarious stories to share! PS I took LOTS of room in the bed last night and you are right, it was way better! : )

Keeper Of All Things said...

I use Cheer Girls laptop!!
Being 15 she knows all the thingys!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

I use Cheer Girls laptop!!
Being 15 she knows all the thingys!!

Pumpkin Delight said...

Congrats on the laptop. You will wonder how you lived without one. Now you can even blog when you are at the pool. Lucky you!