Sunday, July 27, 2008

not that hard

Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the number of visitors I had to my little blog. At first I thought Site Meter had gone whacko, then I assumed that Google short circuited my post about Vince the pitchman at Scam the
Sham Wow. I called my people her and giggled my foolish head off.

People started leaving comments explaining what was really happening. Michael K. at linked my post on Sham Wow, asking his readers to come take a peek. Can you imagine anyone being that friggin powerful? I mean holy mother of all things sacred, even though
she has zillions of readers, hardly any of them come here when she tells them to. She does tell them to come here, right?

I checked out, and wondered what rock I had been living under. It's H.O.T. check it out. After browsing around, I emailed Michael K. and thanked him for the link, and he emailed me back. Pinch me Baby Jesus! He said nice things about me and I have a feeling there was some magic between us.
What do you think? yeah, dear Santa, I need photoshop bad!

I also want to share just a few of the comments Michael K's. readers left me re: sham wow. I got a kick out of them:

Charlene says: “Who the hell spends twenty dollars a YEAR on paper towels, let alone a month?”

Amber says: “It's like I've been told there is no Santa!”

Anonymous 1 says: “The product is good but be cautious. I received 2 mops I did not order. and what I thought would be $19.95 plus S/H. Was billed $101.75 on my VISA. for 8 cloths. To return for credit you could loose more.”

Mary says: "I also use them on my cats when i give them baths and it works better then a towel. Ehh just my 2 cents. Oh and they do have to be wet to work."

Anonymous 2 says: "I'm impressed that the previous poster Mary gives her cats a bath."

Anonymous 3 says: "That’s kind of messed up that you write this terrible review about a product, clearly influencing people to NOT buy it and you didn't even follow the directions (GET IT WET FIRST!!!). I think you owe the Shamwow guy an apology."

And really? Anonymous 3 is the only nasty person who came over to chew me out.

I was surprised that so many people took the time to read other posts besides the one linked to dlisted. Like Nick....

I found your site through d-listed this morning and am TOTALLY bored at work. I have to say I just finished reading your WHOLE entire blog! I think you are very clever. I'm 26 BTW and have some of the same thoughts! Keep it up and I'll be checking back regularly-Nick"

I really heart Nick! Bored at work? I would guess he's a Civil Servant like mwa, but working Saturday would narrow that down to prison work or toll booth operator. Any which way, I'm glad Nick and I click is coming back. I mean I don't get many men reading my blog...Jason does, but he is spoken for, and so popular that he's turned down my offer to go on a cruise...and he turned down a cruise offer from her's too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Grandma J. I know I don't comment all the time, but I am a guy. Besides I'm considered good looking don't you think? Cruise??

Hollywood said...

I found your site yesterday through and I bookmarked your site & read all your blogs too!

Karen said...

HA! I don't know about you gj, you are one hot number.
I checked out dlisted, very funny blog.

sista #2 said...

You go girl!!!!


Nick said...

I'm baaack!! Thanks for the mention on the blog. I now have my official 15 minutes! (even if it is in central Texas!) I bought that same laptop for my dad for christmas! Its pretty good for the price...hope you enjoy it! FYI i read tons of blogs daily and commenting on your site was a first! I'm officially not a lurker!

Anonymous said...

Hey are you on line? I'm sure I won't find you checking your comment page right at this second. Anyway I'm in Fort Stockton, TX. Yeah we are really living it up. At least we have wireless internet in the hotel.
CZ in the OC only right now I'm in Texas.

Pumpkin Delight said...

You're a superstar!
I can't believe you got chewed out on YOUR blog. Didn't they's your opinion, the only one that counts.

Lynne said...

I have no life. I have spent all day reading your entire blog plus several others linked on here. I was the first one here from DListed to comment...isn't that MK a hoot? He says things on his site that make me laugh like an idiot!

Anyway, this is a great blog and it's now book!marked!

PS: When I first came here and saw Keesha's picture, I was like "SHE's a Grandma????" LOL! Then I recognized who it was

Grandma J said...

Lynne, thank you for coming back! I really appreciate you clearing the fog for me yesterday. I ended up with over 15k hits on my site.

I love MK's site, it's a hoot!
I even ordered a dlisted t-shirt.

I don't know if you follow Big Brother, but I think Keesha looks like Daniele from season 8. :))

heartshapedhedges said...

What in tarnation is going on out there in Texas?

You're barely gone a year, and now you have a major internet site, and are posting (practically) pornographic pictures of some young guy licking your (avatar's) face!!

You are a grandma, ok! I dont want to see you on the news in your "d-listed" t-shirt. I dont want to click onto your site and find that avatar shimmying around a stripper pole.

Take it easy Grandma J!

Rebeckah said...

...a strip pole? OH MY : ). This is the best site ever! I think the whole world should read it. So they can be constantly smiling.

I looked at dlisted because of your link. I never heard of it before. I look at every day. It is one of my indulgences. Now I will look at dlisted instead.

Hope your week is great! Pray for me if you get the chance because I am expecting ANOTHER horrendous week at work. I feel worried already. I just want the paperwork to GO AWAY!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

...I go away for the weekend and I come back and you're a star!

Go Girl!

The Running Girl said...

And to think that you had to question whether to start the blog in the first place. You're famous now!!!

Caution said...

I never even heard of dlisted! Yeah for you!

trac said...

I came over from DListed too, and will be bookmarking you! That Shamwow mess was too funny. An exboyfriend and I were at a trade show once, and they had a set up and because the ex knows all about that stuff, he was questioning him, and trying to show those around that the guy (not the guy on TV, some other lame) was a fake- and we were asked to leave the table. Heh.

I'm in Central Texas too!

Lynne said...

" don't know if you follow Big Brother, but I think Keesha looks like Daniele from season 8. :))"

Follow it???? I LOVE it! I've watched all the BBs (except most of the crappy winter one...those guys were way too skanky. Even for me!) And yes, she does remind me of Daniele...with some decent poundage on her! I was SUCH a Dick/Daniele fan. That was one of the greatest BBs, to me.

By the way, I'm also a Grandma...of one precious 4-year old boy and another one on the way! Isn't it the greatest!?

Anonymous said...

I am also from dlisted, and I love your blog I will be coming back to read it all the time, You are very funny!!

Anonymous said...

Wooo hoo...I'm gonna call you Grandma Superstar