Sunday, August 10, 2008



Do you remember all the scuttle-butt going on two weeks ago? When my Site Meter went bananas? Now, I'm not talking about the glitch last weekend, when Site Meter messed with
everyone's blog. I mean remember the one that drove my hits up from around 200 a day to over 15K in one day? I was looking at my "30 day" graft and this is what it looked like.
I couldn't figure out what to make of it. Without sounding vulgar, at first glance it looked like Site Meter was flipping me off. Giving me the finger. I mean, all those people coming over to visit just because someone asked them to. Not just anyone.....Michael K. at dlisted. Can you imagine how popular and powerful he must be? It's like when Moses spread his arms and the seas parted! Michael K. puts a tiny word on his popular, funny site and the whole world clicked on it......JUST ONCE!

I was grateful, actually, I was more than grateful. I was extremely thankful and I emailed Michael K. at dlisted to let him know. He friggin emailed me back! N.O. K.I.D.D.I.N.G.

Do you think he answers every email he gets from fickle crazed women? I think not. And the hugs and kisses? They are real.

So there you have it. My fifteen minutes of fame. Actually, it was 15 thousand hits...then I bought this shirt.

Now go visit Michael K. at
dlisted. Tell him I sent you :)

Santa, really, it's getting ridiculous, where's my Christmas in July's August already!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

As a crazed fickle woman myself (or was that fickle crazed woman? just crazed is adequate to describe me), I must now go visit Michael K. dlisted.

And that is truly quite the finger that sitemeter is tossing you. Don't worry, I flipped the bird and cast an evil spell on sitemeter after my conniption last weekend with the darn thing. Sitemeter better behave, or else things could get ugly.

Karen said...

dlisted is a fun site. He's a bit twisted but then who isn't? Um, I'm speaking for myself only.
Can I have that old camera? I need one that blurs wrinkles.
BTW, the email is nice!

Rebeckah said...

You are beautiful. I will try to go to Dlisted more. I do go to perezhilton every day. It's my guilty pleasure : ). I love that he emailed you. You are so stinking cool!

suz said...

I have not seen this site...but will be checking him out.
BTW, it certainly looked like you were given the bad finger from sitemeter. You should be angry. :)

Jason said...

If i were you, I would feel exactly the same way. Just tickled pink!

But Sitemeter can be so cruel.

CATHY said...

Ask him over for water aerobic classes... lol then dunk him..

Annie said...

I found you through Dlisted! And I've stuck around ever since.

Hi! :)

Grandma J said...

Annie, thank you. I think Hollywood and Nick both came here from dlisted too.

Speaking of it just a coincidence that Hollywood and Nick have both been awol all weekend?

I love dlisted, and I never heard of it before Michael linked me. I have such a sheltered life!

Nick said...

I've still been reading just not commenting! Michael K is our matchmaker!!

sista #2 said...

You are famous!!!!


hollywood said...

I am not awol...ran off w/Nick *just kidding* My computer crashed which has never happened to me in my life---using daughters laptop on wkends because when I use grumpy husbands computer he stands over me shoulder making unhappy sighs and saying I 'click too much'....Grrrr. Glad it is Monday, he is gone, house to self, working on real estate in one corner and playing in another!!!!

hollywood said...

PS....while flipping channels last night I caught a few minutes of Big Brother & thought of you!

Anonymous said...

i came because of micheal at dlisted, but stuck around for you.