Saturday, August 23, 2008


Two days ago The Keeper Of All Things tagged me to do a meme of 7's. I was delayed a bit due to a serious medical condition that took me away overnight to sleep while Gary laughed at monitored me. Now, I'm ready! Follow me if you will, and please feel free to do your own 7's because I'm doing a virtual take it or leave it tag.

7 Things I plan to do before I die

  1. Finally take my Alaskan Cruise
  2. Travel to Ireland, my grandmother's homeland with my distant cousins from NY
  3. Travel to the Holy Land, walk the original Stations of the Cross that Jesus walked
  4. Write a book.
  5. Watch my grandchildren grow up
  6. Don't let any of my kids push me around forget who's the parent.
  7. Be at peace when the end comes.

7 Things I can do.

  1. Hmmm, this can be on so many levels. OK, I used to hang glide, I still kayak
  2. For eight years I mentored ESL children in the third world country of Santa Ana CA schools.
  3. I used to be able to twirl a mean baton, but not while hula hooping.
  4. I used to surf, with a long board, because 45 years ago there wasn't much else to do in my So CA beach town.
  5. I can stay up as late as I darn please because I don't plan anything before noon, unless it's a flight somewhere.
  6. I can stay up for days on end if I'm winning at black jack in Vegas...without getting hungry!
  7. I can snore louder than most people. Verified by my friend Gary.

7 Things I say most often

  1. I love you
  2. Your kidding
  3. Call me back. this is usually ignored
  4. I can't believe a pint of ice cream is four servings
  5. My prayers.
  6. What do you want.
  7. Holy mother of all things sacred

7 Celebrity crushes

  1. Mel Gibson
  2. Kelsy Grammer
  3. Drew Carey
  4. Robert Downey Jr.
  5. Garth Brookes
  6. Kevin Costner
  7. Nick

There you have it! I'm not tagging anyone in particular because Keeper passed it on to people I know who in turn passed it on to 49 other people I know....and I don't even know 49 people. Unless Hollywood starts her blog...then she has to do it. Hollywood? If you do the 7's, let me know, I want to read them!!


Karen said...

It seems like yesterday when we used to surf...wax, resin, surf, wax, resin. It was work! I remember Rusty giving us a lift home if we bought him an A&W root beer.

Time flies! What happened ??

Jason said...

What? Your kids try to push you around? I hadn't gathered that. Nope not at all.

CGS said...

I can't believe a pint of ice cream is four servings seems grossly unfair. =)

CGS said...
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Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

A hang-gliding, surfing, baton-twirling grandmother with at least 3 boyfriends??

You are truly my hero.


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Walk the Holy Land, I like that idea.

A pint of Ice cream is four servings? I thought that was a quart. Damn I am in trouble.

Hmmm..Drew Carey.

Nick said...

#7? really?

Rebeckah said...

Simply fascinating!

suz said...

This is funny and gives me a deeper glimpse into your brain.
You are a silly woman. I like silly.

tj said...

...Oooo, write a book, what kind a book? Would it be a romance novel? A thriller? And when can we expect this to hit the bookstores? Will you sign mine? Do tell... :oD just got a visual of you surfing while twirling a baton and snoring at the same time! lol...

...I love the travel to the Holy Land idea - that would be wonderful wouldn't it?

...Blessings... :o)

Karen Deborah said...

You crack me up! I always read your comments at CBW and all the other ones. There is not enought time in a dya to read and/or comment on the blogs I like. Your list of 7's is pretty hilarious,, and I'm impressed with the surfing.We used to live in Santa Cruz, CA and there are some serious surfers there.
The baton twirling hula hooping was pretty cool too, I would hurt my shoulder and throw my back out. It could be life threatening.
Your a pretty hip granny.

hollywood said...

I named my blog........I think I need a camera. But my daughter has claimed it as her own.

One step at a time.

Grandma J said...

Yeah Hollywood! I pull most of my photos off the internet. I'm such a crook. besides, most of the ones I take have been taken a zillion times. It they're there, they're up for motto.

I'm excited, and I hope you let me know so I can invite everyone to stop by, and put your link on my page. You know Nick will be there!