Friday, September 26, 2008


Another news flash!

Eli's Manhattan has decided it isn't enough to charge five times the national average for a one pound bag of carrots.....which would be $4.50. Unless you're a cheap chump who schleps her way to Walmart or H.E.B. or somewhere else and pays $.79 for the same bag. No siree!

Eli's wants to take full advantage of the energy crisis and charge a surcharge on top of their already high prices.

Now, I don't shop in gourmet markets because there aren't any in Central Texas Walmart has a Gourmet Half-Aisle. It has all the fancy pickles and mustard and maybe some artichoke hearts floating in marmalade.

I know I would never pay $150.00 for this breakfast basket, even if they threw in a couple extra croissants. Now add the energy surcharge...BINGO! $152.70.

I love good bread....fresh bread, with some weight to it and lots of fiber and never white. But would I pay $55. for four one lb. loaves? Don't forget the energy surcharge.

A seven lb ham is $95.

How about one lb of hand dipped chocolate shortbread cookies....only $45.

So please Mr. Eli's.....why the greed? I would guess you already make a nice hefty profit. You will never make up the loss in revenue that your former customers have taken elsewhere because of your stinking 1.8% energy surcharge.

Does anyone know of anyone who shops at Eli's? Still?


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I've never heard of Eli's and it's just as well.

If I'm going to hand a cashier 95 dollars, I'm going to be pushing a cart of groceries that will last at least half a week if not longer, not toting a ham under my arm.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I also never have heard of Eli's. I would never spend that much money on food. Even if I had the money, what a waste. If I did spend that much money on breakfast, it have better be in bed, in a 5 star hotel and served by George Clooney.

Anonymous said...

I like food as much as the next gal, but I would starve before I would pay those prices. Of course, if we were discussing wine, THAT might be a different story.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen an Eli's. And I won't be looking for one with those prices!

Unknown said...

WHAT THE FREAKING HECK! Are you serious? I don't go into expensive stores like that. Do you want to know where I get my gourmet goods? Ross' or Marshall's CLEARANCE aisle : ). We don't really eat a lot of gourmet things and I am pretty sure we will NEVER shop at this market. If I ever pay $55 for four loaves of bread, please shoot me : )(in the foot only) Thanks!

Unknown said...

I am going to google right now to see where this market is. ARE THEY CRAZY? Gees Louise. This is going to bother me all day : )!

Caroline said...

I just hate that. But if people have enough money to throw out the window and are too lazy to shop around...that's their fault! Can you say "suckers?"

I Am Woody said...

What's sad - there are apparently a lot of people that are stupid enough to pay those prices!!

It's the same kind of idiocy around the fashion industry. We lived in West Palm Beach for a while. One afternoon, I went to Worth Avenue which is like Rodeo Drive. The prices were CRAZY!! I remember one little tank top, nothing special, no special design or beadwork. Just a yellow tank that was designed by someone that I had never heard of - it was $5000.00!!

Karen said...

Boy that place sounds alot like Gelson's in Newport Beach. Years ago it was a bit high, but the quality was high, and the produce was worth it for special occasions when you needed strawberries the size of volkswagons. Today I can't even set foot in there. It's always full of snobs spending like crazy.

Baby Favorite said...

That's disgusting!

Even if I were a billionaire, I wouldn't shop there--based on principle alone.

How snobby and greedy!

CGS said...

I am a true foodie, but I wouldn't shop there because of the energy surcharge (and we're both teachers and couldn't afford it.) They could just raise their prices a couple of cents if they were that desperate for money and no one would probably even notice. But to put a sign up...lame.

Kristin said...

My guess is the higher costs of everything are already being passed on to consumers, Eli's is just being upfront about it... I'm not sure I think it is a bad thing, but it does sort of beg a person to cross the street and purchase coffee at the corner bodega.