Saturday, September 20, 2008


I guess when you have a blog there will come a time when someone gets offended. I have seen this happen on other blogs and wondered why people would rant about something instead of just clicking on that little x up in the right hand corner. I don't mind the occasional difference of views, and I purposely stay away from religion and politics. I have my own beliefs and leave it at that..besides we have enough blogs that delve into that stuff.

But for me, it happened in a much different way. No one came on my blog to disagree, rant, or take offense with something I said. No, in this case I offended someone by putting their picture on my blog. It wasn't done in a bad way, and it wasn't done to offend or upset anyone....but it did, and for that I'm sorry.

Now for the record, the offended person had never seen my blog....or at least hadn't up to that point. Someone who reads my blog, someone who lurks on my blog mentioned seeing a picture of this person on my blog. Just so you know, this person probably didn't know it was a big deal, or maybe they did. I don't know. What I do know is that I would never, ever, intentionally put a picture on my blog that is hurtful, or embarrassing to anyone. If I poke fun, it's usually at myself.

So, I guess this is a wake up call for me, and an apology to anyone offended. The blog posts have been edited to remove the pictures. Amen

Tomorrow, I have some more of my usual goofy stuff....which is what I do best. Well, that is until the next The Batchelor starts, or Dancing With The Stars. Or better yet, Billy Mays comes out with a fantastic product for gift giving this Christmas....cuz I'll be all over it!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog every day. I don't know what the complaint is but shoot if you want to put my picture on your blog sitting on a donkey you have my permission. Colin

Karen said...

grandma J,
Please know that you rock! Some people are sensitive. Just shine it on and get back to your Matinee Reviews. I miss them

Anonymous said...

This is why the Sista's blog is a secret.

You were on vaca when we posted this, not sure if you knew.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Phew. When I read the first sentence, I said, "Uh oh. CBW has done it now. I offended someone with a comment, probably one about a shirtless man or a distinguished older gentleman standing by the sea....." (I see the distinguished older gentleman is still pictured, so I guess it wasn't him.)

I hate to see Grandma J. with a frown! Let's shake it off and get back to serious business, such as pictures of men without shirts.

(Sorry if this offends anyone. I am harmless. As well as clueless.)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ok, my guess is it was the Darn Seagull or Lucky the dog with the crazy hair. If lucky did not want her picture taken, she should not draw attention to herself like that!
So sad that people are so easily offended. Anyone who knows (or reads) you can tell you are not Malicious at all.
I would like to say to the offended parties.....go and....
oh, never mind. I am not really mean either.
Take care Grandma J. I look forward to all your funniness!

Anonymous said...

Yea you are back!!! Post away!

Unknown said...

hey Colin: a picture of you on a donkey? Send it please!

Karen: I'll try to get a movie review in soon. I'm still in SoCA with a pretty full agenda, but who knows. Once I'm back in TX it's matinee time again.

Philly #1: I have never uttered a word about my blog to anyone. Some followers of HSH knew me from my comments on her blog because I've always used the name grandma J. I am currently at my son's house and no one here even suspects or cares.
There are several lurkers, some friends, some strangers, some relatives and heck even Hollywood used to lurk! Now she's contemplating starting her own blog. Right Hollywood? :))

CBW: Aren't you relieved it wasn't you? Nothing wrong with liking bare chests, and I have no problem putting them on here. Heck, Jessie was extremely cooperative..which is a bit scarey. To be honest, the person who mentioned my blog to the offended person didn't do it to cause trouble. I have to believe that.

So, now I'm getting all caffeined up, then heading to church. I can't believe morning arrives so early here in CA.

Unknown said...

: ) You have a beautiful heart!

Katrine said...

That is a lovely apology. You are a good person!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Katrine -- lovely apology (which shows your generous heart). As I was reading your post, for some reason I just "knew" that it was going to be the bare-chested old fellow whose picture was removed. Guess I was wrong!

Hope you have safe travels back home to Texas.

Karen B.

Jason, as himself said...

I'm sorry. . .this would make me feel bad, too. And now this makes me rethink some of my posts. . .

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry grandma:(. You made a lovely apology :)
Lets see some naked men on your blog now :)


Unknown said...

You can't please everybody grandma j. There will always be that one person who comes in and spoils the party. Just continue to be who you are and blog about what you like, and don't let the little things bring you down!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding that someone complained about a picture, who was it?