Friday, October 24, 2008


I went to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist today, which is kinda like Ferris Bueller’s Night Out, but way less snarky and way sweeter.

In a nut shell......a travelogue with a payoff worth the wait, and some gross moments.

This is an all night adventure in Manhattan chasing down Fluffy, a secret concert. Nick travels with his bandmates Dev and Thom who, according to Nick, don't know what it's like to be straight and dumped.

Nora meets up with Nick at his bands gig. They go on the quest for Fluffy and chase down Norah's friend Carolyn when she gets separated from them.

In the meantime,Nick's old girlfriend who dumped him, decides to try to sink her claws back into him just as maybe he finds he can fall for someone new.

I almost wish I was 16 again, because Nick & Norah presents a pretty picture of what it's like to have a fairytale ending.

I give this movie four stars out of five

There isn't a World Series game today. Tomorrow the Phillies take on the Rays at home.


Philly said...

Suppose to rain heavily all day tomorrow into the evening. Might not be a Game 3 !!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hey, Ms. Grandma J. -

Were your ears burnin' earlier today? Because me and Big Hair Envy and Chesapeake Bay Mother (who was only listening to the conversation) were discussing you, your hilarity and The Compound.

BHE and I finally met - we don't live too terribly far apart.

This has nothing to do with your post, let me focus on that now.

I am relying on you and only you to keep me posted on the World Series. I do care about it, just not enough to tear myself away from the computer and watch it. And if I ever have 2-3 hours to devote to a movie, I will come right here and rely on all of your recommendations.

BusyBeeSuz said...

Well, the movie sounds good to me. I wish I was 16 again too. Damn why do we ONLY get one year????? Such a ripoff.
I am glad you enjoyed it. take care,

hollywood said...

YEA!!! Thank you! lol. I watched the trailers yesterday for N&N. I loved Ferris Bueller. I was 16 when that came out.

CGS said...

I'll go see it now that you've given us your official review. =) meg

The Running Girl said...

The school play is "Pirates of Pinzannce, Jr", but Madison is only in it because she is in the choir and the choir serves as the Chorus. She thought about trying out for a part and then changed her mind. It's really amazing how good they do with the production, set, etc. for only being middle school.

Deb said...

If it is like Ferris Bueler than I'm sure I would love it. Be aware that when I reviewed Secret Life of Bees, I received some odd comments with a link to watch current movies online. I'm sure they were some illegal copies from China.
oh, and BTW, I had the entire voting experience in Georgia. The electronic voting machine...the whole thing. And in Atlanta, people waited in line for 4 hours in the rain to vote. All I have to say is WOW!

Rebeckah said...

It sounds good. I think I am glad I am not 16 again. It wasn't my favorite year...

Caroline said...

Where have I been, b/c I never heard of this movie. Looks like a good chick flick. I was lucky enough to see High School Musical 3. They should had stopped at 2. My girls thought it was the best! The funny part was hearing all the girls squeal and scream at Troy Bolton...hilarious!

Katrine said...

I've been wanting to see this one.