Thursday, October 23, 2008


My good friend Jason, from The Jason Show......featuring Executive Producer, Diego, who wants to come see my boa constrictor, tagged me.

The subject is Values. I'm supposed to Name Six Things I Value. So here I go.

My surprise here. The Fruit of my Looms, sprung from my womb. My four children, their spouses, and my ten grandchildren are my life.
With eighteen birthdays a year, it's not exactly a gaggle that can be ignored. They make me laugh, and cry. they make me proud, and I embarrass them. This is the order of things. This is something I value.

My Faith...Some people don't understand faith.
I have my chosen faith community, but real faith is accepting that which you believe to be true without demanding logic. Faith is not blaming God for evil and misfortunate tragedy, but believing and trusting in his plan and promise of salvation. This is something I value.

My Health....I value my health, and I'm thankful for genes that are forgiving of all my bad habits. I value the medical field that does their best to heal what it can, and make livable what it can't. Every day I tell myself I'm going to take better care of myself, but sometimes I'm hard of hearing. My health is something I value.

My Freedom.....I am proud to be an American, No other country affords it's citizens all the freedoms I have. I thank our troops daily. Literally I do. I live in a military town, and hardly a day goes by that I don't say "thank you" to a soldier. I value my freedom.

My Stuff.....You knew something superficial was coming, yes you did. But it's true, I love my stuff. I love my car, and when I realized it was seven years old, I could hardly believe it. I've never had a car more than five years. So, even though I love it, I'm looking to get a new I can spread the love. I also love my laptop, camera, awesome phone and Starbucks.

My JJ. Well, he's not mine really, but I love him, and he loves me. I value God's creatures.

I'm not posting a list of things I don't value. What I don't value, others might hold dear. So, it's a matter of choice and tolerance.

Now, I'm supposed to tag six people. This meme has been around the block I leave it up to you. Let me know if you decide to do it!!


Game 1: at Rays, PHILLIES TAKE IT 3 -2

Game 2: at Rays, RAYS TAKE IT 4-2

Game 3: at Phillies, Sat., Oct. 25, 8 p.m. ET

Game 4: at Phillies, Sun., Oct. 26, 8 p.m. ET

Game 5: at Phillies (if nec.), Mon., Oct. 27, 8 p.m. ET

Game 6: at Rays (if nec.), Wed., Oct. 29, 8 p.m. ET

Game 7: at Rays (if nec.), Thurs., Oct. 30, 8 p.m. ET


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

On a serious note, I 150% agree with the whole trusting that there's a plan thing under the Faith category. Things work out the way they are supposed to and our struggles come when we don't trust that they will.

On another serious note, I am shocked that Dancing with the Stars is not listed.

Fishin' Mama said...

It's always nice to know more about you....18 birthdays...holy moly!!

BusyBeeSuz said...

I love your list. You are such a wonderful person.
The part about being hard of hearing when you tell yourself to take better care...that is me too.
I will do this is on my TO DO list!!
Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

How come JJ is last on the list? I love the car.

Keeper Of All Things said...

Go Rays!!!!!

Katrine said...

Very nice! I really like your definition of faith

Big Hair Envy said...

It's a good thing you didn't tag anyone for this. Your list is PERFECT! I don't know that I have ever heard a better explanation of Faith before. May I borrow that?

Anonymous said...

Awww! I'm glad JJ made the cut! :)

Anonymous said...

JJ.. :0)

I value my furry family alot too.

Rebeckah said...

This was a beautiful list : ). I value you! You are a blessing every day. Today I had to go to work (with that boss...) and I was just thinking and remembering things you have told me in the past and everything was just fine! I couldn't wait to get to a computer and see your post when I got home. I love your blog every day : ). You are my blessing for today!