Thursday, October 9, 2008


Tyler Perry's
The Family That Preys

I have to tell you, I was really torn about which movie to see today. Thanks to my readers, the vote leaned towards The Family That Preys. The degree of leaned was almost unanimous.

There was one vote for this one from Rebeckah. And one unsolicited vote for this one....thank you Hollywood, I hope to see Nick & Norah s Infinite Playlist soon.

I stopped at McDonald's for my ten piece nuggets, and packed them into my purse with my can of diet pepsi. I'm on a pauper's budget until payday due to my extravagant vacation....foregoing my usual Jason's Deli brisket of beef or pastrami sandwich. Thanks to JJ I have some movie gift certificates...

I love that dog.

I settled into my seat and was shocked that I was the only person in the theatre...which means I can laugh as loud as I want.

On to the movie.

I took a few pictures of my own...not the best quality but it was fun. Kathy Bates plays wealthy Charlotte, the matriarch of a large corporation.

Alfre Woodard plays Alice, the matriarch and hard working mother of two married daughters. These two women are best friends for over thirty years, and are torn apart by the greed and scandal that permeates their families.

Charlotte throws caution to the wind and buys a classic convertable and invites Alice to join her on a cross country junket. Reluctant at first, Alice decides to go on this Thelma and Louise type junket with a little bit of Cinderella and Charlotte's Web stuff.

In New Orleans, Charlotte throws caution to the wind and induges in a Hurricane. Alice, a non-drinking Christian, admonishes Charlotte saying she would never drink "anything named after a natural disaster".

Charlotte has the time of her life, and Alice cautously follows....wearing her cowgirl hat, but holding back against dancing at a Country Western Bar, or a strip joint.

Along the way they see the Grand Canyon

Charlotte get's baptized in a roadside pond at the insistance of Alice.

And they share tears, and fears. I don't want to say much more, but I laughed hard and cried.

But just so you know, my grandson thinks I cried when we saw The Hulk.

I give this movie......4.5 stars!!


Pumpkin Delight said...

That Tyler Perry has made A LOT of movies recently. This sounds like a winner. I'm going to go see Body of Lies on Saturday - I love me some Russell Crowe and Leo DiCaprio. Nick and Nora's...looks fun too.

Karen said...

I love Kathy Bates. Can't wait to see the movie. Thanks for the photos. Love the foot shots

Suz said...

So great. SO glad you liked it. I take a drink with me too, I hate to spend so much on food at the theater....
Good think no one was there with you, they would have found you VERY strange with the picture taking.
Have a great day!

Big Hair Envy said...

OMG! You took pictures INSIDE the movie theatre??? Bahahahaha! Thanks for the review....I'm putting that one on my list:)

Have you seen "Nights in Rodanthe"?? I haven't been yet, but I don't like to miss an opportunity to spend two hours with Richard Gere.

Anonymous said...

Looks VERY good. The pictures make me more interested. You need to find an empty theater more often! Good job and way to go JJ for giving you the great gift!

hollywood said...

Great review. I will pass it on to my mother who wants to see it. Too bad you didn't record it, you could have sold bootleg copies over the internet (faced jail time?) and made pocket money and had a Jasons Deli sandwich! Does yours deliver? They deliver here and I LOVE it!

Don't forget Nick & Norah...looks really good. I need a real review! haha

foolery said...

This is as close to a movie theater I've been since "Wall-E," and before that was "Horton Hears a Who," "Ratatouille," and "Cars," I think. Do you see a pattern here?

Thanks for the review, Grandma J! You are funnier than your subjects.


Rebeckah said...

This movie sounds great. I am glad you listened to the majority of people and went to this! I like Tyler Perry a lot. I like Diet Pepsi and McDonalds Chicken McNuggests a lot too! Most of all, I like you : )! Happy Friday! Is your laundry all done?