Thursday, December 4, 2008

LET'S PLAY..... Remember when..

Remember when I showed you guys my lovely Christmas tree?

Remember? It's just a simple fake tree with several hundred lights.....

Remember, I have my silly garland around my door and window...with attached lights?

I love it simple. Now, I'm showing you all this because I have to rant about my neighbor again.

Remember my neighbor? The same one I ranted about last spring, shortly after I moved in here at the compound?

Remember her side of the porch? And the reason it looked so cluttered was because I didn't appreciate her storing her crap exotic plants and mountain bike birdhouses on my side....

Remember my side? She warned me that it would take a while to situate and organize her stuff.

The picture says "my side after" because it was taken last year after I asked her to remove her stuff.

Well yeah, I guess it takes a while to straighten up. She put garland similar to mine up because she wanted out sides to match. uh .....O.K.A.Y.

Ok, good job remembering! That's what I love about you.

We're not done yet....

Remember when I stayed in this Princess room last summer?

Remember how I not only felt like a Princess....

but I actually looked like one too?

Well, I have to visit them again. I'm not staying overnight. Gary sounded disappointed. Who's Gary?

Remember? He was my personal man in waiting when I stayed in the Princess room.

OK, how many got all the "Remembers" right?

* Gift suggestion #7 has been posted! Check it out because you have less than three weeks until Christmas.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I got two remembers right. The first one about your decorations and the first one about your neighbor.

I thought Gary was the blackberry guy? Or the Sprint or Verizon guy or whatever. See? I can't even remember HIS name.

Do they have an alzheimers unit there at the compound, because when I move in, I'm going to need some assistance.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I got an A+.
The neighbor needs to get on the ball, really that is annoying. I hope Santa skips her messy place.
Sorry you are going back to spend time with Gary. Is it just for dinner this time? No sleepover?
I hope all goes well.

Cool Breeze said...

Neighbors ... that is why I moved to the middle of the woods.

I'm new at this so I remember nothing.

Good luck on your trip to the princess room. I hope they give you a different crown this time.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh......I love the remember when game!!!
And you totaly nailed the princesess look!!!!

Cool Breeze said...

Sorry J. No can do on the BHE adventure. I can't play faves yet.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Finally a game I could win!! I did outstanding.

The neighbors side of the porch would be enough to turn me into the Grinch. Am I going to have to force myself to make a much needed trip to a warmer climate to take care of that porch?

Tell Gary he'd better pamper you.

I Am Woody said...

I have some neighbors that I dearly love as well.

And Gary had better be very, very good to you!

I Am Woody said...

And a big thank you for your support of my ride!

Anonymous said...

You look like a scene from a torture/scary movie!

Caroline said...

Beautiful tree and lights! Sorry about your sleep study...hope it goes well! :)

Anonymous said...

It could always be worse. They could have their washing machine, and the third seat from the mini-van out there:)

Karen Deborah said...

It could be worse it could be REAL CRAP. It's Christmas don't let her bug you. Your tree looks BEEYOUTEEFULL!

Jason, as himself said...

Your neighbor would get to me, too. I go nuts when my in-laws leave all their clutter throughout the kitchen, all over the countertops.

And yes, you did look like a real princess, princess.

Unknown said...

I remembered every single thing : ).
I am glad you are going to have matching garlands. That is lovely : ). Wink Wink!

M said...

I have a good rememory for things like that....good thing your neighbor matched your perhaps she can match your clean area!
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I remember all of them. It wasn't too hard since some were last week!