Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Highs and Lows.....

....or the winners and losers of Valentine's Day 2009.

In the world of Grandma J, Valentine's Day isn't a particularly eventful day.

What I mean is it's a holiday without much in the way of change in my schedule. There are a few things I won't do on Valentine's Day

1. I won't go to the movies...which is why I missed my Friday Matinee this week. I know Friday was the 13th, but you really think all teenagers waited until the 14th to go celebrate? NO...otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a call to deliver flowers to a certain boy at a certain high school on behalf of a certain granddaughter this past Friday. Oh, and don't try to call a florist on Friday before Valentine's Day....they don't answer or actually have recordings telling you they won't answer

2. I won't go out to dinner's bad enough on a regular Friday. I do tell those that I love "Happy Valentines Day" just like I say "Happy Chinese New Year".

For the WINNER (of winners and losers).....

One person I sent an email to was my son-in-law 1SG John. If you've visited my blog in the past, you know all about my SIL.....and that he's now serving his third deployment in Iraq. I want to share with you his response to my e-mail. Just click on the picture of the email to enlarge it.

Sgt John has often said the difference in Iraq since his first deployment is like night and day. I have offered to send him whatever he wants and basically he said there is nothing they can't get right there in Iraq. So, while it's surf and turf every Friday not a picnic , it sure is a far cry from just a few years ago.

And, it's appropriate to honor 1SG John during 2009 - The US Army Year Of The NCO.


Now for the LOSER (of winners and losers)...

Papa John's Pizza!

They had the nerve to send me this Loser E-mail...offering me a deal on a heart shaped pizza..... at 11 a.m. the day after Valentine's Day. Just click on the picture!

Was your day perfect? Was your pizza cold?


Anonymous said...

That pizza special is for day-old pizza.
Papa John over estimated the desire for his pizza on Valentines Day, and he's stuck with a ton of pre-made heart shaped pizza.

I salute 1sg John for keeping us safe.


Life with Kaishon said...

I am so thankful for you son in law. Kaish and Gary and I pray for him at Supper! I even printed out his picture for the fridge.

Our Valentines Day consisted of Heart Shaped Pizza and eating it IN BED in our pajamas while watching a movie Kaish picked out at the movie store. Very exciting and romantic. : ).
I think I am getting sick. I wasn't too much fun.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

You wouldn't believe my valentines day if I told you. There were lots of gray-haired ladies, men wearing cowboy boots, and a band straight from Hee Haw.

Valentines Day is the worst day to go out to dinner, because if you're not careful and don't make reservations ahead of time, there's no place left to eat except the Knights of Columbus dance at a neighboring county where every post-75-year-old in the eastern portion of the state has gathered to eat and line dance. Except you're not a Knight of Columbus, nor are you 75 years old, nor do you line dance.

For instance.

Grandma J said...

Colin, I think you are old pizza!

Rebeckah! You and your family are so sweet and thoughtful...crumbs in the bed I bet! are you the official caterer for the Knights of Columbus, or are you the entertainment? I need pictures!

Mental P Mama said...

Always stay home and cook on VD. God Bless John.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so happy to hear the update from your SIL.
I hope he can get home soon and not go back...but of course we don't know what the heck will be happening over there, do we?
So nice that you deliver flowers too.
Lucky girl, to have you personally deliver the flowers for her. :)
you rock.
I am still wondering why you thought I was constipated the other day.
Have you been peeking again at our house????

The Incredible Woody said...

We ordered wings and pizza. The pizza was cold. The wings were ON FIRE. But the dance party with the nieces was a blast!!

Tabitha in Bliss said...

God bless your s-i-l.
This VDay was actually perfect for us. I think it was because we just let the day come and didn't plan too big.

LOL@Crazy Papa Johns