Saturday, February 14, 2009


A message from Grandma J's alter all my blogger friends.

Whether you comment or lurk when you visit..we love you just the same. Just the fact that you come here to see me act foolish and talk nonsense warms my heart. My site meter lets me know you were here, so even your silence speaks volumes!

Phillip loves you too...almost as much as his high maintenance pampering....oh yes he does!

JJ loves everyone who takes him for car rides rubs his tummy and gives him doggie treats smooches.

So, while you enjoy your Valentine's Day with someone you love, or alone, you will be in our hearts.

What's on our agenda you ask? OK, so you didn't ask....but I'll tell you anyway. We are gonna setting in and watch a movie at home. Yeah, because bringing Phillip Johnny Bob to the movie theatre today would not work out too know, crowds. He hates crowds.

We will watch Lady and the Tramp. You're jealous, I can tell.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm surprised you and PJB aren't going to some soiree at the compound club house.

Happy Valentines Day!

Grandma J said...

CBW, thank you for the sweet Valentine thoughts. PJB and I don't hang out with the old people here at the Compound. The water aerobics in the summer is as much as I can take without beating them with my noodle.

Anonymous said...

Still writing notes on your hands I see!
Happy Valentine's Day Chica. I heart you too.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I do love this movie too. So sweet. I hope you guys have a great time.
Happy VD!!!!

Karen Deborah said...

I love that movie! your dog is so cute, look at that big smile! Happy Valentines day to you too!!

M said...

Happy VD!
PJB looks great!
I apent VD working hard....and my answer your poll....I need to vote, "Day off without pay, "but you don't have it as an option :)

Granny on the Web said...

Just crept in quietly....
Hope you Valentines Day went just fine.
Loved reading the posts. Is your dog a West Highland Terrier?
Creeping out again now to someone else's place.
I will creep back another day.
Love Granny

Keeper Of All Things said...

Ok...............about two days ago I had your site up alllll day playing the game off and on.........check your site meter it'll verify.
My high score is...271185
OH YEA, OH YEA I rock!!!!!!

I really might need help.
An intervention or something!!!
I sneak games in all the time
I'm having trouble typing ....cause I want to play a quick game before kids get up.

Life with Kaishon said...

Thank you for your lovely Valentines Day wishes. We had heart shaped pizza's and watched a movie in bed. Very lovey dovey. I was glad we could all be together...until I kept rolling around on CRUMBS while I was sleeping last night. Then I thought I should have been by myself : ). Boys are just too messy. Next time I am making Kaish and Gary watch a movie downstairs and I will watch one ALONE and crumb free : ).

mom x 2 said...

Hope your Valentine's was a WONDERFUL one! I love Lady and the Tramp. Def an all time favorite!