Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I bet you thought I forgot all about my Friday Matinee....which is a Monday thing as often as a Friday thing....either way, it is what it is.

I was going to skip a week with all the global activities going on. Like soldiers deploying, grandmothers dieting, and presidents swearing being sworn.

But, in the midst of my late night-early morning dreams of coffee ice cream and molten lava fudge, my phone rang and I was startled out of a deep sleep.

It was an invite to a 2 PM movie matinee date. I crawled out of bed, wiped the molten lava fudge sleep from my eyes, started my coffee, checked my blog, and then other blogs had my coffee, shower, then out the door.

My driver rushed my over to my dates house. We circled my dates empire and pulled around to the side.

My date exits in a covert manner from the garage. It would break JJ's heart if I were to pull up in the driveway. He wails like a banshee when he sees my car. Once we hit the road....we debated about what we were going to see. I wanted to see a romantic comedy, and my date wanted to see Mall Cop.

Since Grandma J was paying.....we decided on Mall Cop! Makes perfect sense, no?

I heard it was beyond silly, and I was ready to accept the bitter sweet reality of bad movie, good date. I've had the reverse situation before, and I prefer this one.

I like Kevin James, and he made a good Paul Blart....Mall Cop. Paul wanted to be a police officer in the worst way, but flunked out of the academy due to his weight induced hypoglycemia. That doesn't stop him from taking pride in his job as a mall security guard.

He is ever so vigilant in making sure the rules are followed. Even if you are a senior citizen speeding ....sort of.

But.....Paul isn't always taken seriously.....SERIOUSLY!

His mother and daughter are constantly feeling bad for his lack of a girlfriend and finally talk him into signing up for a dating service on the Internet.

He has a crush on Amy, who runs a hair extension kiosk in the mall. He knows that she'll probably never like him, but he is drawn to her and she is kind and nice to him.
Paul is the laughing stock of the mall employees. He takes his job way too seriously in their eyes and he is the source of plenty of laughs throughout.

Things take a surprising turn when the mall is hijacked on Black Friday by a bunch of highly skilled skateboarders and bikers. More surprisingly is Paul!

This is a good movie to take kids to. I liked it OK, but my date loved it. So for that reason, I give this movie three out of five segways.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Sounds like another good one. The movie as well as the date, that is.

And may I say that Grandma J. is STYLIN' AND PROFILIN'. The red shades match that red pocketbook of yours.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You look so cute!!!! It is so funny how you have to hide from JJ. Gosh, he loves you something serious!!!
You are an awesome Grandma...taking kids on dates and such....
And, I told my kids the movie looked too dumb for me to sit through...perhaps I will be a better Grandma than I am a Mom??? :)

Thru My Eyes said...

Sounds like it was pretty funny, I might give it a shot.

The Incredible Woody said...

I admit - I love silly movies!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I always wondered what those things were called : ). Leave it to you to teach me!

Your date is adorable! AND so are you. I think your face looks thinner! 6 and a half pounds thinner. But I will always think you are beautiful no matter what : ). Your beauty shines thru in everything you do and say!

Gary and I saw another bootlegged movie the other night. It is in the theatres now and it was really good. Taken with Liam Nelson. Holy Cow it was good. I don't know why Gary keeps buying them from a guy at work. I always feel like the FBI is going to come exploding thru the door while we are watching.... It was a great movie though!

big hair envy said...

Your dates just keep ketting cuter, and cuter:)

I'll definitely rent this one when it comes out on DVD. Kevin James (Doug Heffernan) is SO funny.....I can only imagine him on a segway!!! Bwahahaha!

Deb said...

Sounds like a laugher! Good fun for all!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Once again love the rating system! I will have to see it on DVD :)

mom x 2 said...

I love silly movies! I heard this one was hilarious!

ps You've been tagged, thanks to BHE.

Cortney said...

Fun! I'm needing a light, funny movie. Too many serious ones lately!